Top Ten Worst Things About Troom Troom

After reading this, you will realize that '5-Minute Crafts' isn't the worst DIY channel (it's still overrated, though) although Troom Troom's existence doesn't excuse 5-Minute Crafts' cheating hacks (but Troom Troom is stupider)

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1 Their hacks teach kids how to sneak food into class

I don't know about you, but that's just as bad as 5-Minute Crafts' cheating hacks. Except 5-Min crafts only did that once or twice from what I remember, and they don't use those kind of hacks as the main theme of their videos. whereas Troom Troom had some videos dedicated into sneaking food or make up into class or just simply making something stupid like an edible phone case, a marshmallow filled make up bag or a chocolate lipstick. - MLPFan

This sounds retarded. Any old fool can sneak food into class, I've done it before many times as well - TwilightKitsune

2 Their pranks aren't even good

Their pranks are rather mean spirited, if anything (Swapping your friend's fruit mask with fruit jam, giving your friend a sandwich with a green paper for lettuce) what? - MLPFan

3 They're indirectly telling us that we should humiliate ourselves by doing their hacks

Their hacks have told me ways to eat make up. If anything, I'd definitely be concerned if I saw someone eating their make up in-person even that they told me that It's just food. And in another video, I saw one of them putting on some lip balm and said "This lip balm is definitely made by fairies" when It's just VASELINE and GLITTERY EYESHADOW and starts running around like a lunatic (she should be thankful no one saw that) - MLPFan

4 They created the 'Spongewich'

This happened in one of their videos, and after eating a spongewich they FLIPPING CARTWHEELED. If you really can do that after eating one of those spongewiches, Give me 1000 spongewiches - MLPFan

5 Their make up idea vids

In one video, I saw the redhead girl (what is with that damn name?! ) doing a "kiwi lips" make up tutorial when It just looked like she had some sort of disease. And in another one, curly sue or whatever her name did something weirder. I mean, she painted the lower half of her face into a red-white lolipop swirl (I have no idea how to describe it) and say that she could rock out a candy festival with her lolipop face (I'd actually run away in fear if I saw someone walking around like that to be honest) - MLPFan

6 The narrator's voice

It's just so bland and just makes the videos worse. The narrator's voice is also annoying. - MLPFan

7 Their diys are pointless

The popcorn phone case diy won't work at all since you're not supposed to have your phones during the show and the movie would've been over by the time they made that
they could've gave her a normal bowl in that bronzer cereal diy, since the portion of the one with the bronzer is small
they could've just carried the normal sauce package in the foundation sauce diy
And last but not least,

8 Most of their vids are either about sneaking things into class, prank ideas, or making edible phone cases

I rather watch 5-min crafts to be honest - MLPFan

9 The teacher is stupid

In one video, the teacher notices an empty fruitella wrapper in the girls' desk but ignores it just because she didn't see any food in it. Like, what?! There is a WRAPPER, so It means that they were eating food in class smh! - MLPFan

10 None of the hacks are exactly useful

Because their hacks are either pointless or just give us ways on how to sneak food - MLPFan

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11 They look like a low budget Russian YouTube channel with horrible acting


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1. Their pranks aren't even good
2. Their hacks teach kids how to sneak food into class
3. They're indirectly telling us that we should humiliate ourselves by doing their hacks


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