Worst Things About Tumblr

Tumblr isn't as bad as most people think it is, but there's still crap that goes on there, much like DeviantART.

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1 They threatened a girl into near suicide because she drew a character wrong

Zamii, a user of the site who was suffering problems, was apparently abused by users there who threatened her to nearly kill herself... because of a drawing of Rose Quartz that was wrong. She's recovered, but it was still unfair to treat her wrong because of a show. - Swellow

Not to mention they were also unmoved about her almost committing suicide. Those fans are terrible people. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Then why would the girl take it too seriously and overreact to committing suicide for shallow reasons?

Oh, I didn't know. I'm very sorry to hear that. I think the message you should be trying to send out is that no matter what comes your way, haters gonna hate, am I right? Take it like a masochist and be strong and brush it off with a hearty laugh as if it were barely a wimpy scratch. Anyways, your story is very inspirational. Don't worry Jared, keep on doing what you're doing on with your life. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That seriously happened? I've never heard of that before.

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2 Feminism/Meninism

These used to be correct words for gender equality. Nowadays it's starting to become radical morons arguing about what gender has the upper hand than the other. - Swellow

Modern politics are really sucking these days... I stand for equality for both genders, not just one, thank you very much.

3 White knight arguments and flame wars

These will indefinitely happen, but when people rustle each other's feather way too much and then invite their friends or lackeys to their defense, it's awful. Just use the BLOCK button, it's more efficient and easier. - Swellow

4 Social Justice Warriors

I have lost so many friends because of this cult. I set off into the sunset to start a better life than they will ever have!

They also exist on Twitter but on Tumblr there are even more.

5 Shippings that make no sense

No, Sans and Papyrus are brothers, stop shipping them. Same for Elsa and Anna and the like. - Swellow

It's all about ships no matter how perverted or weird the "couples" they ship might be.

I'm not sure if this is on Tumblr or anywhere else, but one example of a disgustingly stupid shipping would have to be, wait for it, I'm not joking, Shadow x Shrek... this is one of the main reasons I hate the Sonic fan base. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My god the tumblr people love gay shippings while fishing for cringeworthy stuff I've found: Kirito X Klein(Facepalm) and Light X L (Double Facepalm) and also I've found Asuna on Sugou's Page (Triple Facepalm) - Hoxton

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6 Fandoms

"The Sonic fan base... are HORRIBLE PEOPLE! " - Evil Craig from ScrewAttack! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Avatar the Last Air bender is my favorite anime

7 Self righteous people
8 Hipsters

I respect you if you like to wear eccentric fashion and defy the mainstream, but some people take it too far. - Swellow

9 Making up genders

Sorry to break it to you, Swellow, but all of those are valid identities. I think Tumblr can be insane, I don't participate in anything there, and I never go out of my way to visit it. I really do think it has some of the worst people out there, crying about how all men should die and how straight people, cis people, and white people are all bad. None of those make up new genders; they don't involve anything that is not male or female. Agender is the same as having no gender, and agender people don't identify as male, female, or anything else. They don't identify as any gender, so therefore it is not a third gender. Genderfluid does not involve anything that doesn't involve male or female. I'm a genderfluid therian, but I disagree with many things Tumblr users do. I think things like stargender are ridiculous, as well as bizarre pronouns like fog, bun, sky, and fire.

First it was genderfluid, then agender, then no gender... now it's whatever masculine garbage you can make up. - Swellow

10 People who are obsessed with racial diversity

Who cares about race? Why is everyone fixed on that?

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11 Overly sensitive people

I'm not talking about people who don't like ad hominem criticisms on discusions, but those who overreact towards the slightest bit of negativity that isn't even directly hurled against them.

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12 Indie game booms V 1 Comment
13 People who start drama for no reason
14 Users who are obsessed with body diversity
15 People that glamorize eating disorders, depression etc
16 Genderfluids

Nope. There is nothing wrong with being genderfluid. It is a valid identity. It's not just a Tumblr thing.

Swellow is right. no gender besides male or female are valid

17 Pornbots somehow always find your profile and follow you
18 People who think they can redefine words and dictate how people use them

For instance, don't ever use the word "diverse" on Tumblr. The dictionary meaning doesn't matter; it's about race as at least three Tumblr users will remind you.

You can't say a word like "turd" or "dillweed" without someone mentioning the "implications" of it. damn hippies. - Swellow

19 People who oversexualize every female character in the media
20 Crossover shipping
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