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21 Triggering
22 Religious people
23 Racism
24 "Normal People Scare Me"

"Waaah! I'm a special snowflake and I'm not like those other guys/girls because I'm not masculine/feminine and I have depression and I like different things than them! I don't bother to go out because society is horrible and gross and I don't love people because asexuality is right and heterosexuality/homosexuality/any type of love is wrong! And to top it off, I'll keep drawing crappy Undertale/SU/Jacksepticeye/Markiplier art no one except my other special snowflakes like! I'M ALWAYS CORRECT BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME! "

If I see people who act like this one more time... - Swellow

25 People who glorify their sexuality and berate heterosexuality for it V 1 Comment
26 Weeaboos

Hey, weeaboos?
If you're so interested in Japan... why not actually study things other than anime? Manga, culture, history, geography and the like are much more interesting.
Also, stop using Japanese honorifics because it's stupid. - Swellow

27 Religious Fan Art
28 Tomboy extremists
29 Alt-right

SJWs or the alt-right...
Both equally as toxic. - Swellow

30 NSFW content on every topic

It is impossible to find something clean when the safe search is off. Even the most innocent topics, like Rottweiler or even animal pictures, there is porn for it. I know Rule 34 but it should be on another website and not a website which teenagers can easily get exposed.

31 Exposing Blogs
32 Incest ships
33 Safe mode is on
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