Top Ten Worst Things About Uncle Grandpa


The Top Ten

1 The plots

The plots are just dumb, there is no skill to it. What did you expect from Casey Alexander - gamerboy666

This show resulted in the decline of American television

2 It isn't funny

They try to make u laugh but u never do

3 There is a weird part in every minute of the show
4 The characters aren't likeable
5 It is boring
6 "Good Morning" made it worse

Tell me about it! It is so dang annoying!

7 It is the worst show on Cartoon Network

Eh... I wouldn't call it the worst. Now a show that destroys its predecessors reputation, THAT'S a bad show. This is the second-worst show. - SwagFlicks

8 It makes Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig look genius

Breadwinners Is Worse Than Uncle Grandpa, But Sanjay And Craig Is Worse Than Breadwinners And Uncle Grandpa.

No, those shoes are worse. At least UG doesn't rely on potty humor. - Therandom

9 It has lots of haters

It deserves a lot of haters.

I totally agree.

10 It is ridiculous

The Contenders

11 The Melvins guest star
12 The Animation and titles cards are terrible

The title cards look like crud and the animation is worse then dors

13 He's a crybaby
14 His show has more seasons than Gravity Falls
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