Top Ten Worst Things About Uncyclopedia

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1 The Articles are Stupid/Inaccurate/Unfunny

Super stupid

Full House On Their WORST SHOWS EVER LIST? - TheKirbyCreeper999

ITS SUPPOSED TO BE INACCURATE - venomouskillingmachine

2 It Can Not Be Taken Seriously

This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. If you want a joke site to be factually correct the internet isn't your place. - gemcloben

3 The Creators Hate Craig McCracken

This makes no sense. - EpicJake

4 They Hate Codename: Kids Next Door
5 There Are No Actual Facts on It

Um... It says "The content-free encyclopedia" at the top. If that didn't warn you, I don't know what could. - Turkeyasylum

Well yeah, It's not supposed to be factual. Go to wikipedia if you want facts. - SammySpore

I love Uncyclopedia. I don't care how inaccurate it is, it's hilarious - CityGuru

6 They Try Too Hard to Be Funny

They aren't even funny at all. - EpicJake

7 All of the Article Writers Are Morons

Wow everybody who created article's in Uncyclopedia are morons and yet you never met or know them? Screw common sense - CerealGuy

8 It Makes Fun of Wikipedia

Wait you're still using Wikipedia for you're homework? Wrong answer, show em' *shows Uncyclopedia genius and rare informations* Wikipedia are for skrubs
This advertisement is intended to mislead people to join the Church of Uncyclopedia - CerealGuy

9 It Judges Things Based Off Of Other Things
10 The Creators Are Closed-Minded

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11 Some Articles are Offensive

On my favourite country (Beautiful Bangladesh(note the adjective)) Uncyclopedia showed a picture of the bangladesh flag being submerged by water. That EVIL UNCYCLOPEDIA SITE WILL BE TAUGHT A LESSON (insha allah (at the help of Him)).

12 The Creators Make Assumptions Instead of Actually Researching
13 They Make Fun of People with Mental Illnesses and Neurological Disorders

I have ADHD and I find it hilarious - venomouskillingmachine

14 Label All Religions Fundamental or Terrorists.
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1. The Articles are Stupid/Inaccurate/Unfunny
2. It Can Not Be Taken Seriously
3. The Creators Hate Craig McCracken
1. The Articles are Stupid/Inaccurate/Unfunny
2. It Can Not Be Taken Seriously
3. The Creators Hate Craig McCracken


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