Top Ten Worst Things About the United States


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61 Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter
62 Times Square Lighting

Seriously- it hurts my eyes a lot.

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63 Government Cover Up
64 High Population
65 Took Over Hawaii
66 Kidnapping

How is child abuse and kidnapping under obama presidency stupid people and fat people seriously

Its bad these noobs are bad I think they should die dumb people

67 Bible Thumpers

I wish we could strip the power away from religion. I respect your religion, and believe you should be able to worship as much as you want. But for example, running for a political office, shouldn't be influenced by your religion, and because the other candidate is a minority religion, agnostic, or atheist they are immediately out of the ballot.

What? Is this people who don't believe in god? I feel like Mothwing. DEAL WITH IT! - AnonymousChick

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68 Pornography

This disgusting filth should be made Illegal. It poisons people's minds. It makes men & young boys view women as sex objects. It ruins peoples marriages & relationships by partners becoming addicted to porn & partners starting affairs in search of someone to take part in there fantasies. People doing not natural things to their bodies. It is vile. The sex industry as a whole is sick, Strip clubs, Prostitution, Porn. All it does is degrade & devalue humans & turn actual living beings into sex toys. In the western world Porn is acceptable & people are made to believe it's healthy & all the rest of the crappy things people say about it to try & excuse it, but these women need help & to be taught to respect there bodies. These are fallen women they are our Sisters, Mothers & daughters. I've always loved the West for it's freedom, the freedom to choose, but there always needs to be boundaries. I feel the western culture has lost all it's morals & respect & outrageous things are now ...more

Asia makes more then 95% of the pornography

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69 Discrimination V 1 Comment
70 Rednecks

Whats wrong with someone being themselves!

71 Country Music

Seriously it all sounds the same. Why can't we just go back though the days of Led Zeppelin, Queen and the Beatles?

Don't blame country music for the damage done to civilization by Rap music, which is nothing but a curse.

72 Persecution / Discrimination
73 Greedy Politicians

I want to be governed by someone who loves the people, instead of loving to take there money, while the rich can bathe in theirs

All politicians these days aren't worth the sweat of my balls, they are all crooks and have no morals and believe the almighty dollar rules

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74 Dubstep Music

Take this off the list dubstep is AWESOME. Just accept that we love chaotic music.

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75 Government Corruption

Did you know it will cost less to terraform mars then get rid of the us national dept - Harri666

76 Ku Klux Klan
77 Modern Republican / Conservative Ideology

The USA would be better without Republicans. - PolishGuy

No republican are better than democrats - 2storm

Neither Democrats or Republicans are good. They are both responsible for tricking Americans into being more divided.

78 Long Island
79 High Debt
80 Six Flags

Six Flags? Why is this bad? I love this amusement park! - Minecraftcrazy530

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