Top 10 Worst Things About Vacations

We may have fun taking a break from life but of course it has its disadvantages

The Top Ten

1 Packing

It takes days (even weeks) to pack clothes, my camera, chargers, my phone, iPad, sunscreen, etc, and then my mom makes a list and checks it twice, and when we're flying we have to check our stuff to make sure that it can go through airport security.

It takes forever to pack then when you get home unpack - Adventurur2

2 Other Countries

Like if you go to mexico people ask are you from out of the country
well I have bags so where did I come from a store? - Adventurur2

3 It's Hot

The worst sunburn that I ever got was when I was at Disneyland CA in 2015

People go on vacations more when Its summer so its sooo hot - Adventurur2

4 Staying at a Hotel

I like the hotels but the rates are so expensive!

Some are so dirty - Adventurur2

It's so boring and DISCOMFORTING. - Ananya

5 Expensive

You spend more than $500 on a trip - Adventurur2

1000000000000 on 1 trip ohhh snap worst part

We spent at least $5000 (maybe even more? ) in summer 2015. For 3 people (me, my sister and my mom):

-@$100 per person for Disneyland 1 day park hopper tickets it’s $300 total
-airfare is like $500 each?
-We stayed at the Linq in Vegas for about $150 per night per person. We spent 2 nights in Vegas so it’s like $900
-we ate at the Mirage buffet in Vegas, which was $35 a person
-we ate out nearly every day

This is a partial list. We also did the Warner Bros studio tour, Universal, CA Science Center, fake horse rides, etc. luckily my relatives helped pay for the majority of that stuff. We stayed at their houses in LA and San Francisco, so we only had to pay for a hotel in Vegas.

We also went to NYC later that summer but luckily we hardly spent anything there.

6 You're Not Even Gone that Long

2 weeks is just not enough to spend in LA, Vegas, and San Francisco!

Either a week or 2 days on vacation - Adventurur2

7 Sunburns

My face looks like that I got a bad rash on it!

8 Being Tired When You Come Back
9 Packed Places

I honestly hate going cause the beach or cruise is so full - Adventurur2

10 Changing

You change your clothes all day - Adventurur2

The Newcomers

? Foreign Languages

The Contenders

11 The Wifi

I had to ask for WiFi everywhere I go

12 Sunscreen

This is absolutely necessary unless you like to get blisters and painful sunburns that last 1-2 weeks. Argument invalid

Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen...

Preach - Adventurur2

13 RV's

tru - Adventurur2

14 So Many Things to Do and Not Enough Time to Do It All

For example, in southern CA there are 4 theme parks that I really wanted to visit but in my 2015 trip we only did 2 (Disneyland and Universal) because we were only there for a week and we did other stuff too, so the other 2 (Knotts and Magic Mountain) will have to wait until a future trip.

For example, southern CA has so many cool stuff that I wanted to see but since last time I was only there for a week. I only did Disneyland, Universal, Santa Monica, Warner Bros, CA Science Center, and Hollywood. Other stuff like Dodger Stadium, the Rose Bowl, Knotts, Magic Mountain, and Sony will have to wait for a future trip.

I wanted to do Fremont Street in Vegas but since we were only there for 3 days we mainly did the Strip.

In San Francisco I only spent like 3 days there both in 2017 and 2015 so I only did the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, YT headquarters and the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The other stuff like the 17 mile drive, Paramount Great America, the Transamerica pyramid and AT&T Park will have to wait for a future trip

15 Gas Prices

Every summer before we visit the NJ shore (which is 1 1/2 hrs from Philadelphia, where I live) we have to fill up the car and gas is like $3-4 per gallon

16 They Only Come Once Every Few Years

Especially the big ones that involve flying.

My first trip to Vegas was as a 2 year old (1994), and I didn't go again till I was 23 (2015), 21 YEARS LATER!

I visited CA 3x in my childhood. Once at age 2 (1994), once at 3 3/4 (1996), and once at age 5 (1997). Then, my mom decided to force me to wait 18 YEARS before I got to visit CA again (2015)!

After that, I visited CA again last year (2017). I would like to go to CA and Vegas again in 1-2 years, NOT WAIT FOR ANOTHER 10+ YEARS! Forcing me to wait for such a long gap between my trips in the 90s-2015 was already more than plenty of torture for me! >:(

17 Overpriced items

In Disneyland it's $14 for a plush toy, $5 for Starbucks, and $8 for 1 corndog and a bag of chips. In Vegas it was $35 for a buffet. At the Rock Center Cafe in NYC it was $34 for a burger.

18 Resort Fees

In Vegas 2015 I stayed at the Linq. It was a Caesars Entertainment hotel. Their company don’t have resort fees where you have to pay separate for stuff like WiFi. Vegas’ other hotels are MGM properties and they have resort fees.

19 Airport Security
20 Packing for Plane Trips

Planes have regulations on stuff like toiletries. In 2015 when we visited LA my younger cousin packed sunscreen and it got taken away by airport security. It made her very angry.

21 Parents Complain About It

My parents say that it’s expensive, they’re lazy, it wastes their time, it’s too hot, etc...


22 Suitcase/Luggage Regulations

Only carryon and 1 personal bag allowed on plane and they must be a specific size

23 Time Flies So Fast

If its about going to a far off place with JUST FAMILY, Then its totally... opposite. - Ananya

You’re having such a great time that before you know it your vacation is almost over

24 You May Not Feel Well Afterwards

I got a small cold after returning from CA and Vegas in 2015 but luckily it only lasted several hours. In 2016 I got a cold after a cruise and was sick for 2 days.

25 Waiting in Line at Theme Parks

At Disneyland my cousins, sister and I had to wait for 2 hours for Radiator Springs even though we all have fastpasses

26 Travel Times

We have to fly 4 hours to go to Vegas, drive 4 hrs from Vegas to LA, fly 5 hrs if we're flying to/from Philadelphia to LA or San Francisco, drive 2 hours to NYC, and 1 1/2 hrs to the NJ shore!

27 The Weather
28 Eating the Same Food Over and Over Again

When we went to CA and Vegas my family took us out to eat Asian food 90% of the time

29 Parents' Interests Have to Be Included, Even If the Vacation is Mainly for the Kids

During our CA vacations, we kids get to plan what everyone does. We also have to add the "Asian-friendly" attractions like Chinatown and Little Saigon to our lists because our relatives want to take our parents out for Asian food/shopping as well.

30 Tour Buses

They smell, there are long lines to bathrooms, you have to sit there and listen while the tour guides talks all the time, they don't take you to places that you want to go to, and they give you a time limit at all the cool places.

31 It Eventually Has to End
32 You Have to Wait Another Year Before Taking Another One
33 Someone You Recognize is There Too
34 Being Tired After Arriving at Your Destination

Whenever my CA family flies to Philadelphia from either LA or San Francisco they are usually so tired after their flights that they spend the first day sleeping most of the time.

35 Having to Visit Boring Places

I had to visit Boston in 2016 and I hated every moment of it

36 Adjusting to Time Zone Changes

I live in Philly. The 1st time I went to CA after many years I was surprised when I was put to bed at 11-11:30 PM while on vacation. I then realized that it was a 3 hour difference between Philly and 11 PM in CA (Pacific Time Zone) is equal to 2 AM in Philly (Eastern time zone).

37 Hotels are Not Cheap

On my Vegas trip it was $150 per night per person at the Linq!

38 Parking Fees
39 The Gap Between the 1st Trip to a Specific Destination and When You Will Return Again

Especially when you were flying. I went to CA at the age of 5 in 1997 and I didn’t go again until the age of 23 in 2015. THAT’S AN 18 YEAR GAP! Waiting felt like FOREVER. I wanted to go again so bad due to me haven’t gone in such a long time. Next time I visit CA and Vegas it better be in the next 1-2 years and not make me wait over 10+ years again! That was PURE TORTURE! >:(

40 You Don’t Get to Do Everything You Want

For example I wanted to ride the Griffith Park carousel on my LA trip in 2015 but it was closed. So disappointing!

Also some things you would like to do must be approved by your parents. For example if I want to ride a certain roller coaster my mom must determine if I can ride or not and an attraction must be parent-friendly. For example there’s a museum of death in Hollywood CA. Even though it sounds interesting to me my mom won’t allow me to visit it because it is creepy to her and if an attraction is too creepy or boring or not Asian-friendly enough to her, she will refuse to go.

41 Airfare Prices

$500 to fly to Vegas from Philly!

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