Worst Things About Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, today, Ace_of_Spades, RebelGamer, and I will be talking about the worst things about Valentine's Day.

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1 Being single, and feeling like a idiot

How Klein from Sword Art Online feels on Valentine's Day. Don't worry dude, I know you'll find that special someone someday! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For everyone who's single, we know how you feel. - SmashBall

That's ironic considering that people who are in relationships are actually retarded

Yep. That is true. It does suck being single. - Stazemar000

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2 It's just a way to give the economy gain

I'm not sure if a better emconomy is necessarily a bad thing. Id be more concerned with the consumeristic nature of seemingly every holiday we have. - keycha1n

No wonder they like Valentine's Day - SmashBall

Card companies have a wank to this day. - Puga

3 It's nothing special

If you're in love with someone, everyday is special. Making a day especially for lovers is almost like an insult. It's like saying " today I'm gonna love you more than the other days ".

It was created as a means of companies making money during an otherwise holiday-vacant month. - BKAllmighty

Yep, I don't care about Valentine's Day. I didn't even know it was Valentine's Day the day of until someone told me. - Therandom

Its true date are fine and in the day of valentines nothing happens just music and giving chocolate stuff - NotMe

4 You'll look like a loser if you don't get a valentine

Nobody ever gives me valentines, and I'm fine. It's probably because I'm so unlikable and everyone knows not to mess with me. - Merilille

I think that's why Patrick got mad in that Valentine's Day episode. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I started a brand new school two days before Valentines Day. I got nothing. I didn't expect anything, however. - RockFashionista

Yea T_T - NotMe

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5 You can get diabetes from eating so much valentine's day candy

Back in Elementary, I'm pretty sure, we all had so much candy, we could've had diabetes - SmashBall

I was given this huge box of chocolates, gave it to my cousin, Ain't a chocolate fan anymore - Fandom_Lover

This applies to ALL candy year-round

ON VALENTINES DAY? No... there is way less chocolate and candy than Halloween and Christmas.. - FerrariDude64

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6 You can lose your boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife just because, you didn't get him/her something.

It usually goes like this. Guy: Calm Down! I didn't mean to do that! Girl: Who cares! We're Done! - SmashBall

I mean its true breaking up its hapens some time valentine/Christmas/new year/even thanksgiving because you dinner with your girlfriend/boyfriend in home and you acted stupid in FRONT of their parents - NotMe

7 You can screw up when you talk to your crush

Well screw you I already ate half the chocolates anyway! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Either that, or she just doesn't notice you. Trust me, that's happened to me before. - SmashBall

Ha! Not me, he screws up the most! - Fandom_Lover

Meh, this isn't a problem for me, all of my crushes are animated. #foreveralone - funnyuser

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8 Watching all of the the other couples

Yea :( - NotMe

9 You'll have to buy something really special for your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.

Just saying, even though consumer culture has taken over the world doesn't mean that all women are greedy.

Most Wives favorites are chocolate strawberries - FerrariDude64

They usually want Jewerly. Gosh, why are they so greedy, these days! - SmashBall

10 Other people bragging because they got a valentine

You got a Valentine! You really must be attractive! (Sarcasm) - SmashBall

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11 Valentine's Day Dance/Prom

One time my school had a required dance and they got to pick who we dance with

Good luck asking your crush out! - SmashBall

I skipped it. - SamuiNeko

12 Seeing your ex with their new partner

I hated before but know I don't give a crap about her

13 Seeing your crush giving a valentine to your most hated person

Well, if he wasn't your rival in the first place, he now is. - SmashBall

14 Chocolate is everywhere

That's not a bad thing. I love chocolate. Don't care about Valentine's day though.

15 An insult to Asexuals
16 Having to put up with people who won’t stop talking about it for 5 minutes
17 Being Ignored
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