Top Ten Worst Things About Video Games

Oh yes, there is downsides about these brain ruining epics.

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1 They Cost a Lot of Money

I hired NEW! Super Mario bros. on Wii and I got it for a whopping $86. JUST TO HIRE A GAME

This is the worst thing about video games, they're really fun but some of them are so expensive! - Ghostbunny

Recently I saw Grand Theft Auto V on the shelves and the price I saw was $78

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2 All the Day 1 DLC

If they can release on day one, why not any other day? - cdxtreme

3 It Turns Out to Be a Bad Game

This is why we have game reviewers. So that no innocent gamer will accidentally pick up a copy of "Ride To Hell: Retribution" and get screwed out of his money.

Final Fantasy isn't bad. Chill.

4 Water Levels

Desert Levels more so than water levels. The only bad level of Halo 4, my favorite game, was a desert level. Castle Crashers had a series of desert levels that even the biggest fans hated! And lets not even start with Super Mario desert levels...

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5 Annoying Characters

Kefka - mewtwo1

6 It Rots Your Brain

If you think about it there is strategy and creativity involved in most video games... You have to know how to fight in fighting games as well... You can't just spam the same button most of the time or the stronger enemies will find you and kill you

No wonder my head hurts after being so long in the game...

You aren't supposed to play video games at all because you can start getting dumber and dumber until all you know is play video games...

Is is parent-teacher manipulation?
What you said is wrong
Do a quick research

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7 You Will Complete the Game But There Is Nothing Else to Do

And I don't have the heart to erase all my Pokémon to restart! Oh the dilemma! - keycha1n

Happened to me so many times

You know, after you have completed a game you like, and there's nothing else to do, just work on the other save files completing all the levels and things. Also, you could go on YouTube and search up glitches for you're game…or you coud just simply buy (or make someone buy) a new game.
--Anongal (literally "anonymous gal")

8 Button-Mashing

This is probably the most uncreative way to do something,all it is is mashing,I would prefer strategy,not rapidly pressing buttons to. Defeat an enemy. - DapperPickle

This jams the controller button making it stick or stuck.I shouldn't have done that when playing Pokemon stadium 1 long time ago.

This is what I do in some games. And it works. - RiverClanRocks

Hop behind punch in head repeat

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9 Buying Stuff With Real Money
10 Mean-Spirited Players

Xbox Live are full of skrubs and 10 year olds with parents who forgot that they have a kid. - SuperHyperdude

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11 People Complain About How They "Rot Your Brain"

I like how this is below the "they rot your brain" entry. - FondaSu

12 Your Parents Use Them Against You
13 Terrible Fanbases
14 They're Not Real

Yeah and so?

15 Adult Content
16 Some Are Luck Based

Good God, why should luck be in games, they're about skill, and some sections in games that require luck can leave you defenseless

Well luck is sometimes fun. Trickshot is luck and drops are fun.

17 Greedy Companies
18 Squeakers

Sure, it's fine if eight year-olds want to play online games for fun, but it's just that half of them just scream into their mics every time they get killed, and accuse everyone of 'hacking' and using 'cheats'.

19 DLC
20 Backstabbers
21 Some Force You to Collect a Certain Amount of Something Before You Can Continue On
22 Idiots Who Accuse You of Hacking

Just a sore loser excuse for being bad!

23 Shovelware
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