Top 10 Worst Things About the Waluigi Hatebase

So the Waluigi fanbase, well, it's a really annoying fanbase, I agree, but the hatebase? They are even worse!

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1 They hate him because he is overrated

The Waluigi haters are the frozen haters of the Mario world, need proof? They hate him because he's overrated! I guess you would like him if he was underrated? No? Wait then, more reasons are coming! - darthvadern

The horrid haters don't realize there are no fans on the site yet they bash him on a site where there are no fans? They are dumb!

2 They hate him because he is ugly

Wario is ugly but you love him? Look, I love Wario and Waluigi, but why are everyone such morons? Didn't these teens learn in school that outside doesn't matter? It's the INSIDE! INSIDE! I feel bad for him. How would you feel if I hated you because you had anoxeria? Huh? - darthvadern

Also that medicine part, you should not hate a character because you want to trigger a fan. - darthvadern

3 They come up with the same reasons over and over again

Most of them are stupid or have since been made irrelevant

At least most of them are legitimate reasons

4 They are hypocrites who overreact to everything

The big deal they make over Waluigi, a minor video game character, is utterly ridiculous. Don't they have more important things in their lives to worry about? Exams? University? A job? A proper relationship? There's nothing wrong whatsoever with simply not being a fan of Waluigi, but just mindlessly treating him and his fanbase like the worst thing that ever happened to humanity is childish and just goes to show that these haters have no better things to spend their time on. - Entranced98

That’s the Waluigi Fanbase

5 They hate him because he's filler while enemies like Goomba and Cheep Cheep get a pass though they are even more filler

Cheep Cheep, is just a red fish, and Goomba is a brown mushroom with legs, they have no devolopment, and then they'll be like "BUT THEY ARE CLASSIC! ", listen Goomba was created the last second of the Super Mario Bros. devolopment. Koopa was originally going to be the basic enemy. At least Koopa Troopa is more relevant. - darthvadern

At least Goomba and Cheep cheep are in mainstream Mario games so they are relevant to the franchise. Waluigi on the other hand has yet to appear or even be mentioned in any major Mario games so he is completely irrelevant and appears in spinoff games for no reason other than filler

6 They do not respect the opinions of the Waluigi fans

Maybe if Waluigi fans respected the fact that we do not like him then his haters would respect fans opinions - Randomator

I'm not saying all are like this, but most are stereotypes who claim it's wrong to like him! - darthvadern

Because Waluigi fans don’t respect our opinions

7 They hate him more than the character Pink Gold Peach

Need proof? Read some remixes on worst mario characters. At least Waluigi had a reason to exist. Unlike that Pink Gold "Statue". - darthvadern

Not all of them - Randomator

8 They hate Waluigi fans because they hate Wario for being fat but the Waluigi haters hate Waluigi for being skinny

Logic my friends? - darthvadern

9 They won't even admit they are annoying

Neither will the Fanbase and a majority of them are way more annoying than the haters based on what I have seen

You are annoying when you spam your "Fanbase is much worse" comments. - darthvadern

Case in point: DaisyandRosalina (Sorry, DCfnaf)

I mean I don’t think I’m annoying. In fact I’ve tried to be less extreme with my hate for Waluigi - Randomator

It's a good thing you at least aren't annoying, it's mostly other users that are annoying. - darthvadern

10 They hate him to the point where users want to retire

Seriously though they treat Waluigi like Adolf Hitler or someone like that. It's a video game character, A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER! Not a son of hitler! I'll admit I was about to retire because the Waluigi hate was so annoying but then I found a user who had realized Waluigi haters are worse than the fans. - darthvadern

They hated him so much to the point where not only did I start to hate TheTopTens, but they put me off of the Mario franchise in general.

The Contenders

11 They say the Waluigi fans are trolls

Because at least 80% of them are trolls who spam dumb memes and shove Waluigi down people’s throats like he’s the greatest Mario character ever and if you don’t think so you deserve to die

So by their logic, Nathaniel Bandy (One of the greatest YouTubers of all time) is a troll. - darthvadern

12 They hate him because of his fans

Wario fanboys - darthvadern

I don’t hate you or any Smart Waluigi fans I only hate the obnoxious ones that shove opinions down people’s throats as if they were right and everyone who disagrees should die. - Randomator

13 They think they're cool

It's not cool to bash a character and calling him overrated on a site where almost no one likes him. - darthvadern

14 They try to give the fans "a taste of their own medicine"

Two wrongs don't make a right, people!

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