Top Ten Worst Things About Who Should Date Who Lists


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1 They're Creepy

This is just as creepy as a stranger asking you out without talking to you first, because that's exactly what it is. - Songsta41

I agree. Who would put time and effort into making lists like these?

Why would people waste their time making these kinds of lists? - Powerfulgirl10

2 The Ages Are Too Different

You're shipping kids with adults on half of these things - TwilightKitsune

For example on the positron one it has a 13 and 18 year old suggested who should date. - Therandom

3 They're Offensive

Some people get offened by it. - Therandom

4 Half of Them Are Made by Trolls

There was even one about Keyson. Thank goodness it wasn't approved. - Minecraftcrazy530

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5 Some of the Items Don't Make Sense

Like on someone who date positron, half the people are guys. - Therandom

6 It's Controversial
7 They're Pointless
8 They're Intrusive
9 Some Are Meant to Attack Users
10 They're Perverted

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11 They're Dumb

Yep, Dating lists in a nutshell - Ananya

12 Some Weren't Removed
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1. They're Creepy
2. They're Pointless
3. The Ages Are Too Different
1. They're Offensive
2. They're Creepy
3. Some of the Items Don't Make Sense



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