Top Ten Worst Things About Wikimedia

Wikimedia is the power source/network for Wikipedia, WikiBooks, Wiktionary, WikiNews, and others, and though it may look fun, it's not. Here's why.

The Top Ten

1 Vandalism

This is the most annoying thing on there. What kind of person thinks it's funny to replace something important, such as an administrator notice board, with 'LOL LOL I'VE GOT THIS PAGE NOW LOL LOL' or other crazy nonsense? - DLindsley

2 Overzealous community

They claim that users should practice civility towards all other users. However, that apparently doesn't apply to the administrators on any of the wikis. All you have to do is disagree with them, and then you're blocked from 1-3 days to life. - DLindsley

3 Political pushers

Ah yes! You remember those people. They think it's a good idea to push their views on other people. - DLindsley

4 Russavia's global ban

No one knows to this day what Russavia did to deserve this global ban, but it was part of a series of harsh/uncalled-for global bans that took place during the period they were banned. - DLindsley

5 Unfair blocks on their wikis

This is due to reason #2 on this list. They may block someone when they clearly weren't involved in a policy violation, yet still believe they were. - DLindsley

6 Lack of respect

Respect is something that's needed all around the world, and they're doing a poor job at demonstrating that they do indeed respect each and every contributor on their sites. - DLindsley

7 Not a friendly environment

Pretty much reason #6 on this list. Their welcome templates on their wikis are designed to pretend you're in a friendly environment when in reality, you're not. Don't be fooled. - DLindsley

8 Harsh warnings

Um... yeah. Their warnings could be a bit friendlier. - DLindsley

9 New ideas which are good can and will be rejected unfairly by the community

They clearly haven't learned that we all have to accept changes. As per the title of this reason, they'll reject even good ideas for this reason. It's easy! Just accept the changes! - DLindsley

10 The community can be judgmental

Um... yeah, I'd also have to say that, too. They'll judge everything, really. - DLindsley

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