Worst Things About the Word Bae


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1 It's annoying

Let me guess, are people too lazy to type or write "babe"? - Turkeyasylum

This word is very irritating. - Therandom

2 It means poop

And people use it to call their boyfriend/girlfriend. - Therandom

Look it up and you'll see I was right.

What is wrong with this generation?

It means poop on dutch*

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3 People use it to refer to their boy/girlfriend

It's pathetic. They shortened "baby", a bad enough word, and made it even worse. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 It's stupid

That reminds me of a horrible Nicki Minaj song which I can easily make a parody out of: It's a stupid word! A stupid, stupid word! - RiverClanRocks

5 People haven't stopped using it
6 A list revolves around it

Oh the irony. I love how my lists are very ironic. - Therandom

7 The way it's said

When people call their partner bae, what's it stand for? - Therandom

8 Some people think it's a good word

It's a stupid word. - IronSabbathPriest

9 A list saying worst things about the word bae wasn't made until now
10 People stole the word from BAe Systems

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11 Some users on TheTopTens use it
12 It's said by too many people V 1 Comment
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