Top 10 Worst Things About WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania 35 was a great Mania that saw Seth Rollins conquering the beast to capture the WWE Universal Championship, Kofi Kingston finally winning the big one, Triple H and Batista squaring off in a brutal no holds barred match, Kurt Angle having his last match and Becky Lynch winning the first ever women's WrestleMania main event, but as good at it was it was not without its fair share of awfulness, here we look back at some of the worst things about WrestleMania 35.

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1 It Was Too Long

This is on that a lot of people complain about, with the main card being nearly 6 hours and the pre show being 2 hours - egnomac

2 The First Ever Women's Main Event Being Over Hyped

WWE really hyped this match more then any of the other matches on the card mostly due to it being the first ever women's main event, and though the match featured fan favorite Becky Lynch winning both womens titles the match really did not live up to the hype and was filled with so many botches, not helping things is by the time the main event rolled around the crowd was just dead and the botched finish really ruined the match. - egnomac

Stupid SJWs - Maddox121

3 Too Many Matches

Self explanatory. - egnomac

The Reigns Mcntyre match added nothing for me, Reigns return match/ angle should have gone like this. Reigns comes back and tells everyone he's beat cancer, eventually a heel ambrose starts to fued with him, we get a reins vs ambrose match at WM35, it eventually becomes a loser leaves wwe match. Yeah it may have been a predicatable ending with ambrose already out the door, but remember Punk at MITB 2011? This would have been a great match that people would have cared about, plus id don't think those two ever really had a one v one match other than that five minute one at survivor series a few years ago. It also would be a fitting sendoff and a WM moment for ambrose. the next night on raw, ambrose says goodbye, he turns face, and I don't know, someone comes out and starts beating up dean, reigns and rollins come out for the save, triple powerbomb, one last shield reunion.
Be honest this would be better than the reigns vs Mcntyre, and the rushed no explanation face turn and shield ...more - RustyNail

4 The Botched Finish Between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte

This is was really killed the match for me, Ronda's shoulders were clearly off the mat after the first count only for the referee to ignore this. - egnomac

Ronda should have lost via sub, it would have been a better moment than a roll up counter, regardless of that botch - RustyNail

5 Kurt Angle Losing to Baron Corbin in His Final Match

Kurt Angle deserved better then this instead of having Baron Corbin be his last opponent they should have had Cena come out and face Angle instead. - egnomac

6 Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe Match Being Too Short

Which proves why most matches do not belong on the WrestleMania card. - egnomac

Apparently it was cut short because the show was running to long, and Rey had a ankle injury at the time. on the plus side it made Joe look like a beast, the way he should be portrayed. - RustyNail

7 Colin Jost and Michael Che's Participation in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

These two had no business being in the Andre the Giant battle royal at all and while were on the subject WWE really needs to drop the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal from future WrestleMania's as it's done very little to help any superstar who've won the battle royal. - egnomac

The only reason this stupidness happened was to try to get people to care about this match,...and it failed. - RustyNail

8 No Undertaker
9 WWE Spoiling Kof Kingston's Title Win

As good as the match was and Kofi's much deserved WWE title win it was spoiled thanks to WWE leaking their new merchandise of Kofi winning the title that night making Kofi's win all the more predictable. - egnomac

10 Hulk Hogan's Pointless Return

It was surprising to see Hulk Hogan again but just like his return back in Crown Jewel it served no real purpose and was immediately forgotten about as Hogan would not appear for the rest of the night. - egnomac

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11 Predictable Matches
12 Shane McMahon Kicking Out of and No Selling Every One of the Miz’s Moves
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