Top Ten Worst Things About Writing Utensils

The Top Ten

1 Having to use a faulty pencil sharpener

My art class has a terrible pencil sharpener. No pencil has ever come out alive.

This list is pretty interesting. It's brilliant. - Kiteretsunu

2 Erasers that don't last / No eraser

At least there are always cap erasers, but those break too.

3 Graphite on one side of the pencil

I hate this. Tilting your hand and writing sideways isn't easy.

4 Running out of graphite for a mechanical pencil

If you run out, you have to ask for some, make sure it is the right kind...

5 Not being able to find the right colored pencil / marker

Nope, no red, but there's vermillion, scarlet, red-orange, crimson...

Especially when you have one of those packs of 64 colored pencils. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 Graphite that breaks instantly

If it's too long, it breaks when it touches paper.

7 Colored pencils / markers that aren't the same color you thought they were

I don't know how many times I have accidentally used some shade of purple instead of dark blue.

8 Markers and pens that bleed through the paper

I love Sharpies, but...

9 Dried up pens and markers

There's not really a way to fix this.

10 Getting marks on your hands after using them

Sometimes, they smear, and they don't vanish for a while.

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