Top 10 Worst Things About YouTube Poop Videos

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1 They're Stupid

They're meant to be. - Rollingdonuts

No these are funny

Worse than the constant explosions and badly inserted profanity is when they repeat and keep reversing one tiny scene over and over again. Is that really what passes off for art and comedy these days? - Entranced98

In every video someone blows up, dies and gets called the f or n word.

2 They're Not Worth Your Time

They're nothing more than a clip of a T.V. show or something that's been cut up with a bunch of mindless, random and sometimes crude edits that immature children somehow find funny. I normally don't have anything against people wasting ten minutes or so online, but it's honestly incredibly depressing that a few people out there are taking hours and hours out of their lives to make something as devoid of intelligence as YouTube Poops. - Entranced98

Watch GoAnimate random videos like Mimefan and NotSmirks instead of YouTube Poop.

3 They're Disgusting

Penis is not a swear word

They make jokes about p•n•ses

4 They're Hard to Watch

Too many bad images and spammers.

5 They're Overrated

The Weegee video has over 1 million views which is awful.

6 Ear Rape

Really loud on some videos. It can make you deaf.

7 They're Seizure Inducing
8 They're Disturbing

All YouTube Poop makers should be terminated for doing that.

9 They're Sick

People make disturbing videos out of SpongeBob (it is a great show in 1999-2004 and 2015-present)

10 Suicide Jokes

There is a Peppa Pig YTP where George commits suicide.

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11 They're Horrible
12 Death Jokes
13 Homophobic Jokes
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