Worst Things About YouTube Rewind 2017


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21 It brings back dead memes
22 Use of Slime

I hate slime! - RaccoonCartoon

23 It's so stupid
24 People that are somehow trending like Marshmello and Backpack Kid
25 Lele Pons Lele Pons
26 The Lack of Mother Teresa

What does she have to do with this? - naFrovivuS

27 Cringey

Everything is cringey, my stomach or whatever now hurts from all the cringe, - vpitt5

28 The end of the YouTube editor


29 Animators Stuck in the Credits Section
30 Not Even a Reference to Ricegum or Idubbz
31 No NSFW Version

I think that's rather a good thing. - naFrovivuS

32 No DashieXP

But, I think DashieXP in it. - LapisBob

Uhhh, Dashie was in it...albeit for a couple seconds, but he was in it. o.o - tonyb500

33 No Dantdm

He was there, you dummy. - mattstat716

34 SML is in it

LMAO why would he sign up for this garbage Youtube hates him

35 Terrorist Sound Clips

It happens during the eclipse part. In the background you can hear someone say 'Ariana Grande! ' which is in reference to the Manchester Bombing during her concert. I think I even heard a small scream that they tried to cut out of the video too. That just felt out of place because later on in the video they're throwing slime at each other and dancing like that didn't happen at all. - RoseRedFlower

They actually included this? That's just sick and low, even by YouTube standards. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

"Our policy is not to [monetize] tragedies." - naFrovivuS

36 Emmablackery's Experience

EmmaBlackery posted a video about her experience with YouTube Rewind and it sounds like an awful time. She had to wait in the cold for hours, her hair ended up being pink for a long time because of the slime, some Youtubers got to do their shoots as soon as they got there instead of waiting like she did and she was promised some screen time on the video that she never got. - RoseRedFlower

37 ma name jeff
38 No Jacksepticeye

WORSE than no PewDiePie. - tonyb500

They should have had him - stinkyjaden

39 Best youtubers get no credit
40 No RiceGum

He was like the biggest youtuber this year come on

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1. Excessive amount of fidget spinners
2. No Pewdiepie
3. Jake and Logan Paul's segment
1. Excessive amount of fidget spinners
2. Famous YouTubers barely or not even in it
3. Jake and Logan Paul's segment
1. It doesn't have a message
2. The amount of shooting stars memes
3. Famous YouTubers barely or not even in it

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