Worst Things About YouTube Rewind 2018

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1 Lack of Pewdiepie

Rewind 2018 is now officially the most disliked video on YouTube, and only needs 50,000 more to reach 10 million!

YouTube is what it is, cause of how popular Pewdiepie has become. - AssassinationTeam1

The man's literally keeping your website relevant - Puga

I have a feeling that YouTube is promoting T Series on purpose - TwilightKitsune

2 Fortnite

Too much Fortnite. It ruined my life.

This will probably have a movie made by Disney instead of Five Nights at Freddys: The Movie. Make that and not Fortnite:The Movie.

Too many references including all of the dances, battle bus scene and more. Even the kiki part has a Fortnite dance. I'd rather Sony Pictures Animation team up with Youtube to make THE EMOJI MOVIE REWIND 2018 but with ONLY Emoji Movie related stuff.

Why did they have to center this overrated game front and center in the rewind? They should reference overwatch or Super Smash Bros Ultimate next rewind. - Smashball23

3 BTS BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013.

How are these guys even popular, they've barely got personality and you can't really distinguish their singing. - AlphaQ

overrated garbage

How are girls even attracted to these bunch of shemales(Don't get wrong:I am not a transphobic)who got through a thousand plastic surgeries to become popular? - Hellohi

4 Ninja on the Battle Bus

Ninja has the big gae - Not_A_Weeaboo

Play me some of that jumping music - PeeledBanana

This happened - iliekpiez

The f you say to me, you little sh. - MrCoolC

5 Most of them are not in YouTube!
6 No MrBeast

If he isn't in rewind this year we are charging after youtube - 0w0uwu

One of The fastest growing channel of 2018 isn't in YT Rewind? - B1ueNew

7 K-Pop

Although I like some Kpop, what does it have to do with YouTube? YT just added it to be "trendy". - RoseWeasley

This is supposed to be a YouTube Rewind, not a little girl's wet dream fest - TwilightKitsune

K-Pop seriously needs to go away. Fast. - AlphaQ

I hate my own country for this. - Not_A_Weeaboo

8 No Lil Meerkat appearance

Lil Meerkat would have still been better than Will Smith. At least he is actually on YouTube - ShrekTheGoat

Lil Meerkat is great - AlphaQ

Lil Meerkat is horrible.If he appeared on YouTube Rewind,the video would've been more cringeworthy and no likes would be given. - Hellohi

9 K-POP!

There's 1 thing this video needs K-POP!
~ worst quote of the decade - AlphaQ

10 No Relevant Memes

Memes are very weird, to be honest. People might say the same if they see the oddities of my own autistic mindset- Kevinsidis

There was, but it needed more. - MrCoolC

BongoCat is Dead. - Not_A_Weeaboo

The Contenders

11 Mukbang

No, eating foods is not satisfying. Stop it. - Not_A_Weeaboo

12 Scenes were unrelated to each other

Say what you want about 2017 but at least it didn't seem like a meme compilation - Puga

13 Baby Shark - Pinkfong

They added a kids sing along song in this rewind, that is just sad

Most annoying kid's song ever! Even "It's a Small World" is more tolerable than this song!

Worst song ever

Why was this song even added

14 The ASMR Part

*whispers* I'm Annie welcome to my asmr channel!

Let’s just say to seemed to be rushed. - MrCoolC

15 Bongo Cat

Why did you drag poor Bongo Cat into this, YouTube? - RoseWeasley

Literally who asked for this - Puga

There's a such thing? That'd be so cute.

16 Mason Ramsey

He's cool - 0w0uwu

This is the "I want you to play with my dingaling" kid

This is an example of fame for “talent”

17 Will Smith

"Guys we just got Will Smith, this is huge, what should we make him do? "

"Uh make him say Fortnite" - Puga

Yaaah, It's Rewind time!
You know, if I could control Rewind, I would want Fortnite and Mark-ass Brownlee. - Atham

My favorite YouTuber - MrCoolC

Nah he was good, the bad thing is was when they made him say “I want fortnite in the rewind”

18 Poor reference to World Cup

"Just throw people in soccer/football outfits" - MrCoolC

Wait...they referenced the World Cup in it?

The world Cup was involved?

19 No Dimash Kudaibergen

Guys please note I am a human and this is triggering for me he wasn't in YT this year. He's a great singer and has done many nice humanitarian and charitable costs. - 0w0uwu

Swearing hell, did these bots find that list...

Thank god - Hellohi

Are you fu- - AlphaQ

20 No Stephen Hillenburg tribute
21 No Pewdiepie vs. T-Series
22 Lele Pons

Tries to hard to be funny. - XxembermasterxX

Who even wants Lele Pons - Just Destiny - DarkBoi-X

Yeah YouTube, have her instead of pewds, twice! - MrCoolC

Ew I hate her

23 Jaiden Animations

Why is she hated? She's a great youtuber with a cool and shy personality which makes for quality content. - 0w0uwu

Why did Youtube allow this jerk on Rewind? She ruined it.

She ruined the whole thing.

24 John Oliver John William Oliver is an English comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. Oliver started his career as a stand-up comedian, both in the United Kingdom and United States.

This guy is so obnoxious! Trevor Noah is really bad, too.

He had to do the Take The L dance with a cringey smile. - MrCoolC

25 Trixie Mattel

It's looks like some drag queen lol. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

Ew what is that?

26 Hannah Stocking

She produces more tumor humor than lele pons I mean who even wanted this unfunny bich

Her comedy is just as bad if not worse than lele pons having to watch her tumour humour is a more painful experience than being tortured.LITERALLY WHO WANTED THIS BITCH

27 No Dita Von Teese
28 Social justice shoved down our throats
29 Trevor Noah

Same with John Oliver. He had to floss the cringiest way possible. - MrCoolC

30 BetterHelp
31 It’s hated
32 It’s hated!
33 No Firepower from Judas Priest


34 Viners

Wrong year. - MrCoolC

35 No one knows who half of the YouTubers are

I've watched every YouTube Rewind, and some of them I don't even recognize. - MrCoolC

36 No politics
37 No Hillary Clinton
38 No T-Series
39 No Marilyn Manson
40 No Saberspark or Phantomstrider
41 Lilly Singh
42 No Ugandan Knuckles
43 No Shane Dawson
44 No Alex Horton Aka I Hate Everything
45 No Angry Video Game Nerd
46 Practically None of the Actual Best YouTubers Appear
47 No Jontron
48 No 20th Anniversary of Classic Powerpuff Girls
49 Barely Half the People Shown are YouTubers
50 High Hopes - Panic! at the Disco
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