My Rant on YouTube Rewind 2018

LightningStrike Where do I start with my first post? I'll just start the video to find out my reaction to this. Basically, this video became the most disliked video in YouTube history in about a week. Now that is shocking. Maybe it's because people aren't into this kind of style anymore. Let's start the video:

"Will: Y'all... It's rewind time. Man, if I control rewind, I would want... Fortnite...and Marques Brownlee"

That's Will Smith (I'm a fan of him) I never thought about him being a fan of fortnite but I gotta say... This is an ok start... I guess.

"Man: is this what you wanted?
Woman: you know what I would have asked for?
Ninja: QUIT HORSIN' AROUND... Play me some of that jumpy music?"

Ok now I gotta wait because the start of this video isn't as bad as I thought it would be. But then it starts playing Cardi B's I like it which is predictable I guess. (And no, I don't think it's my kind of jumpy music) Now we're going after the skydiving scene...

"Man: Is that Marques?
Woman: I want Liza.
[Liza appears]
[Rolls down a ramp and lands on the water]"

Ok, ok. Let's talk about that editing here. Do the editors even know the laws of physics? Because, that there doesn't look like it's real effects... just sayin'

"Woman: So guys, apparently... We control rewind this year... Y'all we can do what ever we want... what do we do..."

Those people look like they're going to put something to torture us all, after all, it has 12M dislikes.

"2 Girls: There's one thing this video needs...
Me: Judas Priest's firepower!
Them: K POP"

Oh god. Now we're going to the part where things are going a lot more stupid than that begining part. Awkward dance moves, and greenscreen effects.

"Woman: Can I have a royal wedding?
Man: You will marry bongo cat!
Woman: What?"

To be honest with you guys, I actually like the bongo cat meme. But... this?

"Man 1: Rewind needs more science.
Man 2: Can we do an experiment?"

Ooh.. Sounds great

"Woman: Love that! Melting Lipstick!"

Yeah! That sounds like a great plan for everything... SIKE. Now we have a yelling woman acting like the pot is a cauldron. After that there's a Korean food scene then a dog scene and they're just using overuses of fast mo and slow mo.

"Woman: Marshmello needs to be on this video.
[He appears]"

YES! totally 2018!

"Man 1: Who is Marshmello?
Man 2: How about yodeling kid"

OK OK OK OK OK. Are you saing Marshmello uses auto tune? Are you saying a highly annoying meme is a DJ??? Now after the cowboy skating scene and the cringe scene, we get to the ones with the animated youtubers. They're not bad youtubers at all but... btw when it came to the part when they're confused about the lyrics, i'm starting to cringe badly enough already.

"Woman: You know who really needs to be in this rewind video?... Everyone who managed to do something bigger than themselves this year"

Ok, now we're at the part where everyone acts serious this time. and for a video that got a lot of dislikes, i'm starting to realize that the YouTube community is actually a lot more worse than what the YouTube spotlight thought it would be. 2018 doesn't sound like a perfect year that much. In fact, EVERY single year in history is not perfect either. We all have society problems, we all have a lack of freedom. It's just... Us! We can look for better things... right?

"Woman 1: I think... we should read the comments
[Throws wood at the fire]
Woman 2: Yeah, I have a feeling this is going to get a little bit crazy"

About the scene with the comments over the fire, I don't see a single one saying "Put Judas Priest's firepower in there" Yeah, things ARE about to get crazy. And I mean... BAD crazy.

"Woman: Let's give the people what they want"

More like... lets give the people what the DON'T want!
After that, there's a scene with some people dressed up on clothes over boxes. Is that supposed to be Roblox? I thought people don't give a crap about that game anymore!
After that is a soccer scene, then a classic car in space scene, then a big ball with sound effects scene, and while that, I have to give credit that they did put the song High Hopes on the video... right? *Takes sip from a cup*

[Fortnite scene]

*Spits it out* OH GOD NO! Live action Fortnite skins? dancing in that Japanese suicide Logan Paul forest? SERIOUSLY? Is THIS what people wanted? YouTube Spotlight, what is up with you.

[Big ball Indiana Jones reference... after that is the baby shark scene]

*Falls off his chair while yelling* AHHHHH... OH MY GOD!... REALLY, YOUTUBE SPOTLIGHT? ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO TORTURE SO MANY PEOPLE? Now it's acting like the YouTube spotlight HATES people now! And then all of that comes with cringe style overview of all scenes from the video. Just CRINGE.

"Will: AAHHAHAH!...Ah That's hot... that's hot"

Overall, this video just doesn't seem like a video that people would enjoy. I know it's not possible, but seriously though. People at this point are getting SUPER tired of stuff like this. Also, it's not even close to being a good video at all!
No PewDiePie
No This is America
No RIP xxxtentacion
No Judas Priest's Firepower
And all it is is just what people DON'T want.



That's three rants on the same thing - iliekpiez

Worst video ever! - LightningStrike

Also, YouTube in general has absolutely NO idea who its REAL "Heroes" are when it comes to the entertainment producers; honestly, they consider I Hate Everything, who is actually one of the nicest and most lovable people on the PLANET, "controversial" while giving scoundrels like the Paul brothers (Jake and Logan) a free pass to just do whatever the Hell they want, meaning that the latter Youtubers are featured in Rewind while the former isn't despite being one of the absolute GODS of YouTube in terms of overall content quality and community influence - xandermartin98

I COMPLETELY agree with every word you just said - Pokemonfan10