Worst Things About YouTube

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41 Twerking Videos

Especially the one where Miley Cyrus does it - Stazemar000

42 Harsh Comments
43 YouTube Heroes
44 Raging Feminists
45 Culturally Sensitive People Who Complain when Someone Says a Color in the Comments, or simply, "That's offensive!" Commenters
46 McJuggerNuggets
47 Scene Kids
48 Package Opening Videos
49 Only the Big Guys Make It to the Front Page

Smosh, PewDiePie, Vevo, TheFineBros, etc... It's always the same thing on the front page!

50 They Took Away Chat Rooms

Yes, there was a time when YouTube actually had chat rooms, but they were taken away in 2010.

51 YouTube Poop

Why would anybody wanna watch this stuff? YouTube poop videos are equivalent to pornos and snuff films.

They're not suitable for work and probably not suitable for life.

The only good reason YouTube poop is on here is because more people will share their positive beliefs and philosophies on YouTube poop which will encourage more people to support it.


V 2 Comments
52 AutoPlay
53 Scary Face Pop Ups
54 Fred

He was very annoying, but at least he had quality.

Two words: It sucks

55 Video Is Not Available In Your Country

Oh my god! I absolutely HATE it when this happens! Why the hell does YouTube even have this every once in a while? That's something I'd like to know! - Stazemar000

56 10 Second Videos Taken On A Cell Phone With Terrible Quality
57 YouTube Red Has Been Made

EASILY the worst thing about YouTube. - MasonOcker

Cause this is what we need right? A crappy Youtuber's version of Netflix!

58 Minion Haters

There's too many Minion haters, oh well, what can we do, Haters Gonna Hate as always.

59 Dora the Explorer Videos
60 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

The extremely hateful gaming commentary YouTuber who's fanbase harasses and hates on completely innocent people. He makes fun of random children on the Internet and makes a ton of money off of it. - Dawscr

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