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61 10 Second Videos Taken On A Cell Phone With Terrible Quality
62 YouTube Red Has Been Made

EASILY the worst thing about YouTube. - MasonOcker

Cause this is what we need right? A crappy Youtuber's version of Netflix!

63 Minion Haters

There's too many Minion haters, oh well, what can we do, Haters Gonna Hate as always.

64 Dora the Explorer Videos
65 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

The extremely hateful gaming commentary YouTuber who's fanbase harasses and hates on completely innocent people. He makes fun of random children on the Internet and makes a ton of money off of it. - Dawscr

66 Videos That You Are Not Interested In Are Recommended For You

This is another thing that annoys me while I'm enjoying some things I love on YouTube - Stazemar000

67 Raging Feminists
68 Epic Rap Battles
69 Stupid Videos

Adventure time "fan" videos are worse than viruses!

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70 They Took Away Video Responses
71 They Took Away Groups
72 Matroix

This is just an annoying british

73 Screamers
74 Calling People Names

Calling names at the end of a disagreement pretty much means the person lost and is sad that they lost and their answer is to call names - Sabbath

75 Content ID System
76 SammyClassicSonicFan
77 Uploading Videos Is Super Complicated Now

Once, it took me almost an hour to upload a 1 minute video - Cartoonfan202

78 Misleading Thumbnails

No joke, I literally saw one video that which it's thumbnail was a picture of SpongeBob having anal sex with Princess Mindy. I clicked on it (I was just curious what the video was about. I'm not a pervert) and it had absolutely no sex in it at all.

79 Sparta Remixes V 1 Comment
80 "My Reaction To (Insert Random Character/Person/Event Here)"
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