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21 Username:666

That video was just too creepy. I think I had nightmares after watching it! - ToukaKirishima

What is it with most YouTubers using the number of the devil in their channel?

22 Flame wars in the comment section
23 Trolls
24 Mariotehplumber

Mario the plumber literally doesn't make sense. He says he likes Sonic, 5 seconds later he's bashing it. He even says he only likes Americans, yet the idiot is Canadian! I have no idea what is wrong with him, but he needs to go to prison.

For the person who put this here just know that Mariotehplumber is a troll and makes his videos the way he does to make you angry - Gamer4life

25 Narcissistic Teen Boys

You know the teen boys that war "swag" snapbacks, take selfies of them shirtless, act fake to relate to a young girl audience, and being basic as crap. Yeah those people are who I'm talking about

26 Creepers
27 Anti-Theist Atheists

These atheists just bash on a video by Christian music artists just because of certain lyrics which they think "are shoving Christianity down their throats". All they do is hate on Christians for stupid reasons. Check their comments on Skillet and Flyleaf videos.

28 Taking 5 minutes to get to their point

We have limited time on this earth, people.

29 Always causing drama

The most common way to get notice is by causing drama.

30 Clickbait Video Titles
31 Pointless, Long, Stupid Intros
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