Top Ten Worst Things About Yugvijay Tiwari

There's is one list "Top Ten Things That Make Yugvijay Tiwari the Best" we can say this is opposite to it. I saw there are many haters of Yugvijay Tiwari so here we all can write and vote for the worst things about Yugvijay Tiwari. So, it'll be fun and kind of help our celebrity to improve their self.

The Top Ten

1 No Page Update

One of the most popular thing about Yugvijay Tiwari is his Facebook page which people call 'The Yugvijay Tiwari Page Yugvjay should update it like at least 3days a week but after his last status "Sorry I'm busy these days " he didn't updated his page just one picture saying "I love Mom and Dad forever'.

2 Cracked Voice

Since when he turned 11 as accepted by him he says his voice is cracked but sometimes it comes back and gets cracked again he needs to solve it.

3 Mature Behavior

The things which we liked the most about Yugvijay Tiwari was he was crazy and weird but as of just when he turned mature type we don't like it.

On his personal Facebook account 'Yugvijay Tiwari Astro ' I told him don't change yourself and see now people hate it! I'm his best friend yes.

What? He is still a weirdo lol! When he turned Mature huh?

Haha I think he is going to stay weird forever..

4 Life In a House Launch

People are going crazy and waiting for his movie he always gives excuses but dude we want the movie in theaters.

Waiting for this movie :(

I aam waiting for this film damn so baldy! When he is going to launch this film damn it? And he is not starting his YouTube channel also! I a getting mmmaddd!

5 Vatsalya School

I don't know about this but he should be in some good acting school.

I just don't get it some people say yugvijay tiwari studies in Mumbai and on his Facebook it's written it's in sagar well where is sagar?

6 Mansi Tiwari

Whenever he comes with that girl he goes weird we want him with others not her.

7 His Haters

It's obvious though his haters makes him the worst actor. Believe me he have 60% Haters out of 100% 40% Real lovers

Don't hate him he's good.

8 He's Indian
9 He Talks About Sex In His Videos

So what?

10 YouTube Channel Wait

He promised he'll make YouTube videos but then he denied and said please wait no dude you're no more.

The channel is out crazy people..

The Contenders

11 He Takes His Shirt Off Too Often In His YouTube Videos

So true LOL LOL...

12 He talks faster than winds
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