Top Ten Worst Things About Zoey 101


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1 They are more rude to Logan than he ever was to them

Logan was arrogant and made some rude jokes to them, but they all treated him like he was satan. - ToptenPizza

Logan is the son of Satan so he should've been written off too just like Dana.

2 Zoey always had a bad attitude

I like the show. These are the things I don't like about it and I know more about the show than most people. And most likely you. - TopTensFan

You are the real dummy. I have known about zoey101 before you were eight. You are younger than most people on here so you probably and zoey101 ended before you were eight idiot. - TopTensFan

Zoey was always positive and cheerful. Stop watching it if you don't know much about the characters. - JaysTop10List

3 Dustin was annoying
4 They tried too hard to be funny
5 Some of the acting was horrible

Some of the actors did a great job but some of them did a horrible job. - TopTensFan

6 Lola was annoying
7 Dana was worse then Logan but no one wanted to talk about that
8 Dana and Nicole's Constant Bickering/Arguing/Fighting

Due to all the petty drama between these girls and Zoey to some degree, I always thought it was good news when Dana was written out of the show. Lola is a good substitute and honestly I think she should've been a part of this show from the very beginning but instead she was never planned to be in the show and the writers only put her in because Dana was leaving due to her actress Kristin Herrera looking too old for her age.

9 No laugh track

That's actually a good thing - KalloFox34

10 Quinn was annoying in the first 2 seasons

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11 Zoey was too much of a goody goody

Yeah she always was perfect and never got in any trouble

12 James and Chase always helping her with her dumb plans and hurting Logan
13 James and Chase constantly helping Zoey with her dumb plans, abusing Logan, and basically are bowing down to her
14 The Radio episode

Chase sells Zoey a useless old radio or so he thinks and when they find out it's worth over $10,000 he asks Zoey to return it to him so he can get the money and she becomes such a spoiled brat and almost ruins not only their friendship over it, but their friends' friendships too (which I don't know why they had to get involved considering it wasn't their thing to get worked up over). Not to mention being rewarded by Mark for it all because Quinn was on her side. Not only that but the little brat actually has VIEWERS that saw things her way too, I mean I can understand why Quinn, Logan and Mark took her side because they're fictional characters, but really? I guess it doesn't matter too much because both sides lost in the end when Chase's grandfather took it back at the end of the episode, but honestly this episode just annoyed me. Anyone else?

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1. They are more rude to Logan than he ever was to them
2. Zoey always had a bad attitude
3. Dustin was annoying
1. Zoey always had a bad attitude
2. They are more rude to Logan than he ever was to them
3. They tried too hard to be funny
1. They are more rude to Logan than he ever was to them
2. Zoey always had a bad attitude
3. Dustin was annoying


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