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1 It's overrated

I'm getting tired of you doing this. It's fine to dislike something, but you constantly change your opinions, not only do you do that, but you barely give any reason as to why you hate it. I bet you'll just go right back to liking Zootopia. You only hate Zootopia and like movies such as Toy Story and The Lion King because of nostalgia. If Zootopia was released in 1994 or 1995 and Toy Story and The Lion King were released in 2016, you would have loved Zootopia and hated Toy Story and TLK.

This is getting ridiculous. At least the movie doesn't have the fanbase of bratty little girls and YouTube toy collectors/surprise egg video makers. Can't you just have one opinion and stick with it - Cartoonfan202 expect people to take you seriously? You'll probably just like it again. Watch. - DCfnaf

Look, I never watched Zootopia but I'm seriously fed up of something being hated/declared its bad because it's overrated, and that it's always #1 on these kind of lists. - Rue

This Movie Is So Boring, I Mean, I Don't Hate It, But I Literally Wanted To Rush Out Of The Theater, To Say, DISNEY, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!

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2 The fanbase

You're just stereotyping the fanbase... - Cartoonfan202

The fanbase is Hypocritical Because They Hate Frozen For Being Overrated But Yet They Go Adore Zootopia which is even more overrated! - VideoGamefan5

Dude, there are going to be bad people in just about every fanbase. Also, don't act like other movies and T.V. shows you like don't have bad fanbases.

3 The furries

Nearly all the items on this list have something to do with the fans. DCfnaf, please make a response post about this - Cartoonfan202

Furries are gross and deserve to be shamed.

Ew...Just Ew... - VideoGamefan5

4 It's cliche

Really Cliche, the plot is absolutely awful as well - VideoGamefan5

5 The fanart

Gross keep it away from me - VideoGamefan5

Nah, it's coming twords you VGF5

6 People only like it because of its Great Timely Message

Lame jokes, one dimensional characters, a "plot twist" that stopped really being a twist three movies ago, and an annoying Shakira song that even some of her fans concede isn't her best material. But no, it's such an AMAZING movie, the BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER, the BEST MOVIE OF 2016 because of the message. Spare me.

Thank you Donald Trump. Seriously, if that jerk hadn't been on the campaign trail at the time of this movie's release the message wouldn't have been so timely and people would actually be looking past it to see that this was all the movie had going for it.

En Vogue manage to convey the same message in five minutes that this movie wastes two hours beating everybody over the head with.

When this movie won the Oscar for Best Disney Movie, (Best Animated Feature) it was not a contest of quality (b/c if it was, the win would've gone to a more deserving movie like Kubo and the Two Strings or even Moana) and more of a contest of which movie took the biggest indirect jab at Donald Trump. I actually find this in the same levels of overrated as The Lion King and Frozen where I think they are just good like a B or B+, but not an automatic A+ for one reason like The Lion King with Mustafa's death, Frozen with Let it Go, and now Zootopia with its message.

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7 The plot is a mess and it has no focus

You copied that from the Frozen lists - Cartoonfan202

Aand you don't bother to explain why. I didn't see any problems with the plot to be honest, but if you saw any, please explain. - DCfnaf

The Plot Is Awful, Its Basically...Oh Wait, I Forgot, Its That Bad, I Made A Parody About The Movie, And It Was Better Than The Movie Itself! - VideoGamefan5

The Plot Is: A Nutshell In A Nutshell - VideoGamefan5

8 Bellwether is an awful villain Bellwether is an awful villain

This actually ties into "it's predictable". By the time Zootopia came out we'd already seen a rather innocent-seeming character turn out to be the villain instead of the "more obvious" character twice (three times if you count the film where the innocent-seeming character was actually the villain in disguise) in a row.

The most Awful villain I've seen! - VideoGamefan5

9 The romance

To be fair, though, I don't think we have to worry too much about. The inevitable "Zootopia 2" or whatever they decide to call it will introduce a female potential love interest for Judy and a male love interest for Nick. Come on, the way Disney's been kowtowing to the bleeding-heart liberal/SJW/Tumblr crowd lately and not just with this movie, you know they're gonna.

Judy and Nick aren't even in love though - Cartoonfan202

Gross just awful - VideoGamefan5

There is NO romance in the movie, except for that one couple who got married. Nick and Judy are just FRIENDS! They DO NOT have romantic feelings for each other.
At least WATCH the movie before you decide to hate it.

10 It's predictable

As if you of all people could have predicted what would happen

SO predictable - VideoGamefan5

Yeah, I totally didn't see the THIRD TIME IN A ROW DISNEY USED A "PLOT TWIST". </sarcasm>

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11 Nick Wilde Nick Wilde

Yeah He Sucks - VideoGamefan5

12 It's boring

Honestly, I'm Glad I'm Not The Only One Who Hates This Movie, Sure I Changed My Opinion, But PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED AND ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINIONS! HA! - VideoGamefan5

Pulling the opinion card isn't gonna stop people from criticize you. And that "HA! " at the end was really unnecessary and didn't prove your point, it just made you look childish. - NikBrusk

13 It tried too hard

Not only because of the aforementioned "timely message", but all the pop culture references (and the fact that there were so many), the "surprise" villain twist (as if the last THREE DISNEY MOVIES IN A ROW hadn't already done that, and how they went about presenting that Message.

14 All the arguing over which species supposedly represents what race

"The predators are black people"

"No, the predators are white people"

"Judy represents the blacks"

"Nick is a black man if there ever was one"

How is anyone even getting that Wonderful Message when they're arguing over how It was presented?

15 It's violent

Oh boo hoo! Do you expect a movie about police to be all sunshine and rainbows? - Cartoonfan202

@Cartoonfan202, I Didn't Even Add This Item - VideoGamefan5

16 It's too depressing
17 It tricks kids into liking it
18 It has horrible animation

Seriously, the animation is worse than Inside Out! Foodfight does not have bad animation, it has goregous looking animation

19 It puts people off of foxes and rabbits in general

Seriously, I can't even play any StarFox games anymore and have been taking far too much pleasure in having Lucina beat and slice Fox to death in Smash Bros.

20 It has really brought out the worst in the Disney fandom

Yes, moreso than Frozen. Didn't think that was possible, but thanks to Zootopia I know it is.

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1. It's overrated
2. The fanbase
3. It's cliche
1. People only like it because of its Great Timely Message
2. The fanbase
3. Bellwether is an awful villain



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