Top Ten Worst Things Admin Has Done


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1 The Policy

The correct answer. - Randomator

Good list. - Therandom

O yea… imma swear DIS STUFF IS S***

2 Remove the Most Overrated Users List
3 Suspended Users
4 New Layout
5 Reduce the Amount of Items Per Page from 100 to 20

Nah, this is one of the few changes I like. The 100 items caused too many problems for me. - cosmo

At least just reduce it to 50.

Why can't we skip pages anymore? this change suck.

6 Treat People Very Differently

Aka bias. - Therandom

7 Remove the Forum
8 Not Let The Users Decide The Future of the Site

Visitors shouldn't get to decide, we should! - Therandom

9 Delete Posts With Swears

A swear isn't that bad. It's just a small word that really shouldn't bother anyone. A few swears are fine, but if your posts just are all swears. And plus, they're kids on here about 10 or 11 at the youngest I've seen, and I feel they can handle a couple swears. But, I believe some posts should be deleted if it gets REEAAALLLYYY bad and inappropriate for youngsters - kaitlynrad11

Apparently they have to so that they can have more advertisers. - djpenquin999

Comments on lists that have swears should be deleted, but cursing on posts should be permitted at a limit.

This is actually good. - RevolNiartRuasonid

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10 Delete Lists

The Contenders

11 Change the Logo

The old one was more attractive. It should just have been changed to orange and retained the form.

12 Not Ask for the User Approval of Anything
13 Not Tell Users About Changes
14 Remove Troll Accounts

I got banned and can’t make a new account do to these idiots

15 Allow the Stat System to Be Easily Exploited
16 Look Down on People Opposing the Policy
17 Remove the Feed Link from the Top Bar
18 Take the Crown Off the #1 Item
19 Delete Posts
20 Merge the Wrong Lists

There has been several lists that got merged some of them got merged for the wrong reasons...

21 Use Improper Grammar in One of Their Posts

"...was one of the most commented..." - a small part of Admin's top 100 search terms of 2010 post.

22 Removing All Negative Ratings on People's Remixes of the List of Users You Would Like to Rate

Users you would like to rate, not users you would like to rate positively. - 445956

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1. The Policy
2. Reduce the Amount of Items Per Page from 100 to 20
3. Remove the Forum
1. The Policy
2. Suspended Users
3. Delete Lists
1. The Policy
2. New Layout
3. Not Tell Users About Changes

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