Worst Things About Assassins Creed 2

The Top Ten Worst Things About Assassins Creed 2

1 Guy That Comes With His Guitar And Sings

Archers on Rooftops: Needed if you want a challenge.
Ezio: Awesome character
Desmond: Less 2D this time, improvement
Guards: We needed diversity
Thieves, etc. : These were useful
Escaping: Why did you buy the game if you didn't want this?
Puzzles: Gave a good breather time
Conspirators: all very realistic kills, all made sense
Leo: He was funny at times and kept things moving.

I try to sneak up on a guy and all of a sudden this idiot runs in front of me (thinks he's so great at singing and playing the banjo or whatever the frick that is) and RUINS EVERYTHING.

sometimes, I even have the nerve to quickly stab them with my hidden blade and go on with my work.

They are so annoying I usually grab them beat the crap out of them till they die then hide the body in the hay stacks. - egillaxelsson

Because of that Guitar guy I fail my missions plus in one mission I was trying to chase a dude but I failed because 6 guitar guys came and sang in front of me Ahh

2 Archers On Rooftops

I can't go anywhere on the rooftops without being spotted by those bums.

God damn those archers

3 It Ends

This should be number 1

4 Ezio

What is Ezio doing here? Who made this list? - lukemcnamara72

Ezio is charming and plain awesome. He doesn't deserve this.

What, how is Ezio on this list, he's the best ac character ever

5 Desmond

The parts which take place during the present are boring and also don't make sense at all. If the templars are so rich and powerful, then why wouldn't they gear their men with better things than some small crappy clubs and sucky pistols. Also Desmond is a waiste of time... Making this character playable along with the super cool ezio is like. Having an action moovie duo with Chuck Noris and a radom 85 years old grandpa

6 Puzzles

Actually the puzzles are quite annoying but if you complete them all you get the armor of altiir

, the puzzles were way too annoying, and there were way too many! I just hated them, but I needed altaiir's armor! For me this really was the worst thing in the whole game!

7 Stronger And Faster Guards
8 The Thieves, Courtesans And Prostitutes
9 Escaping From Guards
10 Retrieving the Golden Mask

Stupid missions such as capture the flag, which is nearly impossible unless you have the armor of Altair. Then you do it all for nothing because someone cheats for the golden mask, so then you have to go and steal it. Worst Sequence Ever...

I've never understood what speed has to do with being an assassin unless you are trying to escape. I find that 2 race memories in one sequence to be able to move on is ridiculous. Stealth and patience is the way of any special operative, not running and jumping. I just don't get it.

Last assins creed game I buy,i don't get golden mask because of that stupid races,and no other way to get it.I can't play the game to the end because this stuppid running.Thank you for that.

The Contenders

11 Conspirators
12 Leonardo Da Vinci
13 Non-Replayable Missions

This should be number 1 - lukemcnamara72

14 Sneaking up on a guard... you are always seen even if the guards back is to you
15 Too many guys carrying boxes
16 Women begging for money
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