Worst Things About Avatar: The Last Airbender

You either loved or hated this show. I remember me and my brother had to get the DVDs because the DVDs had new episodes not aired yet. Even though this was a great show for most people, it had some bad things about it. What did you hate about this show?

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1 The movie sucked

"You either loved or hated this show. "
... Eh, no. In a world of endless mediocre kids shows that get off without so much as a slap on the wrist, the idea of this show deserving some kind of beat down for any of the listed reasons (trying to play up isolated instances depending on personal taste) is laughable at best. This show had absolutely glowing, award-winning reception, and like anything of that profile, it attracted the usual ire of trolls who don't care about putting it in perspective so much as getting off on trying to slap the smile off the faces of the fans.

The movie, on the other hand, was Shyamalan deciding that if fans liked their little kids show, a "brilliant" writer such as himself would have no problem showing them a REAL fantasy, and... Come on, why did anyone think letting him direct was a good idea?

I hate to admit, but I watched the movie before watching the series. I kinda liked it, but eventually forgot about it. Then for a college project, I watched the Avatar: The last Airbender series and man, was I blown away! Amazing animation, storyline, characters, everything! It was really good! And then, I watched the movie again, just for laughs, I had heard people say it was horrible. And yes, it was HORRIBLE! I cringed so bad throughout... Ugh

I absolutely loved the show!
Legend of Korra wasn't bad either! I don't understand why they hate it.

The only thing I hate about the Avatar series is that it did not get the movie adaptation it deserved. Most of the arguments on this list are very baseless and stupid. That is all...

The movie sucked badly, they didn't even say the names right, but the show was awesome.

1. Of coarse there's no blood. The oldest is like 16 so who would go up to some kid and stab them? ,

2. on the age group thing I think it would be stupid if they were like 6 because how would they do anything for them selves,

3. there isn't another season but there's another series which I think is better,

4. Some parts in season 1 were stupid but I think it got a lot better in season 2 and 3.

5. Avatar the legend of Korra wont have only 12 episodes. I'm positive. Avatar the last Airbender was only saposed to have like 5 but it was so popular that there is now 61.

6. Aang wears under wear because he probably dosn't want to get wet.

7. There's only like one Awkward romantic scene

8. Zukos speeches are annoying some times :P

I could NOT stand how Aang became "Ong! "

2 Lack of any killing or blood

Who cares? It was a great epic show of struggles through different situations. Killing or blood would have completely ruined the show no doubt. The creators did great with the show and quit complaining because there is a book air in the legend of korra and korra is just as good as avatar.

This the worst reason I heard that Avatar was a bad show. First of all, blood and death would ruin everything! that like saying, Pokemon should of shown the pokemons being stabbed and bleed to death. Yeah that sounds like such a good way for kids, and possibly teens to enjoy seeing their favorite characters DIE. Second of all, blood would ruin their fame. One of the best reasons Avatar was successful was it's awesome comedy, and lack of VIOLENCE. If most parents like mine, saw Avatar with tons of blood they would restrict it from our viewing. If had done this many parents would have stopped kids from watching it, and plus the show would have to bring their age restriction higher, and maybe have to move their show to adult swim, or something like that. So these are my opinions why this reason is one the most stupidest reason to hate this show.

It was on Nickelodeon, they would have had to censor it anyway. It was intended for a 6-12 audience, so you can't expect it to have blood or death. - rockrockmountain

I get it, it was meant for a younger audience and really didn't need blood. However they overdid it! When it's the Fire Nation they openly mention how they killed other characters, but when members of the Fire Nation are supposed to be killed: "NOO we can't show that " -_- it drived me crazy! I would mention a particular scene but I don't want to spoil the show

3 No season 4

It would not have made sense since Aang would have nothing to do in this season because the war is over. - djghostboy

They could have made The Promise and all those other comics into more seasons - rockrockmountain

There absolutely could have been a season 4. It could have showed the steps Aang had to take to restore balance between the nations after the war. The damage was still there.

It could've been Book 4: Air. Most people expected a fourth season so it was disappointing that there wasn't. - booklover1

4 Avatar: The Legend of Korra will only have 12 episodes

People, stop complaining because its going to have more seasons, ok people!

What's wrong with 12 episodes people would you rather they have 6, plus they'll have more seasons - rockrockmountain

Yes, 12 good episodes. The rest is not worth watching.

Come on people its going to have more seasons soon, okay?

5 Its age group

So... ? It's aimed at kids but it's basically for everyone!

It's jokes and action could have better if it wasn't 6 and up. 12 and up would be a little better - booklover1

Avatar is for basically everyone - rockrockmountain

6 Avatar is too addictive

That is not a bad thing - rockrockmountain

And that's a bad thing, how exactly?

It's to addictive. I watch it every day.

Yeah! I love this show! 1

7 Whenever Aang goes to swim, he strips to his underwear

So what how is that even bad? He doesn't want to get his clothes wet or something. Nothing is wrong with that.

What's wrong with that, they didn't have swimming shorts - rockrockmountain

It's a cartoon! Why... what... - oh, for crying out loud. Does this even need to be here?

I'll admit, this bothered me at first... but then I realized, at least he was wearing SOMETHING...

8 The cool moments sometimes go stupid

It was originally made for CHILDREN Aang is meant to appeal to that audience

That was the great divide though and that episode wasn't great

Take an episode from the first season: Aang gets mad, and he's flipping out at the travelers because they brought food down in the crevasse because of monsters will attack them if they bring it and monsters did come, and Aang suddenly stops because he see's a TART and he says: Is that...... Custard in that tart? See what I mean? - booklover1

9 The romantic scenes are often too awkward

The only romantic scene I found awkward was the "forever girl" scene from Nightmares and Daydreams! That scene makes me cringe every time

"I like you, but... more than normal". If you heard Aang say it, you know how awkward it, and many other romantic scenes, are. - booklover1

This is the one thing that always bothered me about this show. Especially with Aang and Katara. It just...felt...weird. Like...awkward weird.

Yes it is

10 A complete rip off of Naruto, or other anime shows

Uh no avatar is not even close to ripping off naruto I mean have you watched avatar or naruto it is completely different also you can't say or other anime because that means I could compare it to any Manga or anime I have seen it just proves that this is a silly reason why would you compare a show like avatar to a show about ninjas the characters and stories are NOTHING alike

No one can't deny that "Avatar the last airbender" was inspired by anime BUT we really can't call it a rip-off.

No, it not Avatar's story is short and brief while Naruto's plot seem to take forever and is fill with more flashback then Avatar did so it not a ripoff there completely different stories.

Naruto and avatar are not anything alike just because the main character are two boys and one girl doesn't mean it a ripoff.

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11 Katara Katara is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Whoever put her in this list is a big fat loser. Just 'cause she said and did things that I wish she didn't say and do, it doesn't mean that I hate her. Instead, she's my favorite female character in Avatar: The last Airbender due to her personality. In fact, I can relate to her more than once just as I can relate to Zuko.

Honestly, do you want Katara to be all-perfect? NOw ay that's ever going' to happen 'cause she'll always be imperfect no matter what. If she's too perfect, I wouldn't be interest in her. Besides, her flaws make her realistic and relatable.

Hands-down she is the worst character on the show...bossy, rude, judgemental, holds grudges, transformed from knowing barely any waterbending-at the start of the show- to a full on master waterbender near the end of the show...doesn't listen to anyone, is a rude, stuck-up person, gets away with saying things that other characters would be ostracized for saying, if they did. (for example the comment 'Then you didn't love her the way I did! ' to Sokka

No, The Gaang would have died several times over without Katara. The desert, anyone?

What? Without Katara the Avatar would be dead

12 The Great Divide

Least popular episode on any other poll... I see your point here.

Episode was so boring


Eh... I'll give ya that one. It really wasn't the best episode. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13 It destroyed our lives with its awesomeness

Yep. I spent my entire life watching this show, and now have bad grades, sleep deprivation... why did you have to make it so awesomely terrific?

I used to have a family. Now, all I have is Avatar.

14 Toph being a jerk

Toph is awesome! And technically, Katara was the rude one. She literally said that the stars are pretty, too bad you can't see them! Geez lady, not cool

Um, how are they macho? Toph accepted makeup at one point, and when she wants to, she can be a total socialite. And Azula is a princess, and she can look like a goddess if she wanted. You were basically claiming that being strong willed, powerful, and badass are only male traits, which is sexist and stupid. Good day

Blind Medicines should've been included in The Avatar: The Last Airbender back then before so it would've been better if Toph was never ever even blind.

Those writers who portrayed her to be a jerk deserve grudges against them for affecting us so easily.

15 Kissing

"Tell me about it. Since when the hell does a twelve-year-old boy get to kiss her a fourteen-year-old girl? That's wrong on so many levels. Besides, Katara's better off with Haru and Aang's better off being single."

How is that wrong at all?
If it's because Katara is older and the male should always be older then that is Sexism, the thing that Katara works so hard to fight and it is disrespectful."
I agree with this commenting on a comment (he, he), however I think the original was talking about their ages in general, not that the boy should be older than the girl. But yours makes perfect sense, and I think it's unfair to say Katara should have ended up with Haru, who she herself denied having a relationship with. Anyways, I agree with Aang + Katara. All I'm against is the ages in general (not because the girl is older, of course. Random fact: I also support Korra + Asami), thinking they should wait until both are ...more

"Tell me about it. Since when the hell does a twelve-year-old boy get to kiss her a fourteen-year-old girl? That's wrong on so many levels. Besides, Katara's better off with Haru and Aang's better off being single."

How is that wrong at all?
If it's because Katara is older and the male should always be older then that is Sexism, the thing that Katara works so hard to fight and it is disrespectful.

Aang is actually 112 years old so its really awkward. - egnomac

Well I think it's fine for Sokka-Yue or Suki. And I senna 13 years old kids kissing

16 Season 1

Not that it was bad, but it's not very good compared to Seasons 2 and 3. - booklover1

The only reason people say this is bad is because it was so low budget. I agree, it wasn't nearly as good as seasons 2 and 3, but if only the writers had owned a little more money when it'd started... :(

Season 2 was the best. It had the first kiss with aang and katara. Plus it's dramatic and heart felt - djghostboy

Season 2 and 3 made Season 1 seem sort of boring.

17 Zuko's long speeches about honor

Be quiet and get over it. It adds to the story line and is amazing

Ok so someone doesn't understand Zuko's character...

They are at first annoying but hey! Zuko changed!


18 The Avatar World isn't real

it's FAKE

19 The Cabbage Guy Never Married His Cabbages

His love story was incredible, but he never manages to marry his true love :(

20 There are girls in it

Is the person who put this here sexiest.

21 Azula and Ozai picking on Zuko

The sad thing is, domestic abuse is a real life phenomenon. It can't be avoided. - TwilightKitsune

Those villains remind me of my dad and sister, except that my sister is no villainess and my dad is real. I can sympathize with Zuko due to all the problems that I received. It makes me sick that there many people who suck up to bullies and force anti-bully people to do that. How would they like it if I bully them and force them to suck up to me?

I'll never forgive Ozai and Azula for what they did. Because of that, I wish Zuko mowed them down.

Dang it! I forgot to put "a" between "is" and "real" in the first paragraph of my first anti-Azula and anti-Ozai comment just as I forgot to put "villain" after "real." What I'm trying to to point out is that my dad's a real life villain. Well, he isn't a full villain. But he antagonzied me and the rest o' my folks in a number of ways. Like what I wish Zuko did to Ozai, I wish that I did the same to that parent of mine.

22 The Pointless Fan Fiction

Wow... You know if you guys don't like fan fiction so much, there's a thing called not looking at it?

Yeah, even though I love show the fan fiction are creepy.

I hate the show what's even worse is that there are so many people that love it and write creepy fanfictions. My life as a teenage robot is so much better, not this garbage.

Amazing story but horrible fanfiction.

23 An insult to Asian cultures

Whoever put this here is blind in the head. I don't find anything anti-Asian bout this. Instead, I find it amazing, especially since Asia's big on interesting things like the supernatural. In fact, I was born in that continent. And so, I live up to these Asian characteristics:

1. Interest in martial arts

2. Interest in technology

3. Interest in the supernatural

4. High intelligence

5. Serious behavior

5. Mature attitude

I don't get how people say that, I really don't. What IS racist is that no other white cartoon creators have based their fictional world off of an other race/ethnicity. Think about all the kids that aren't white. Don't you think they deserve a hero from their race/ethnicity?

Examples include an episode about this village with the wise fortune teller woman that everyone believes in, and completely scorns science. Mind you, some Asian countries actually have scientific technologies that west would envy about. Not just that, but the show is giving western audiences wrong ideas about martial arts, buddhism, and also the Chinese language itself. (They can't even pronounce 'Yue' and 'Chi' correctly, and the Chinese characters are simplified and looks like as if they are just randomly picked out of a dictionary. )

I would like to say several things about your comment. I myself am white, which of course makes this unfair, and I'm thirteen, but first of all wish to point out the truth in the names to you. "Yue" is one of the people from the Northern Water Tribe, which is based off of Inuit culture, and it's pronunciation is not made to sound like the Chinese word, but the Japanese word. Another thing: Team Avatar visits many villages, and the "wise fortune teller woman" doesn't completely scorn science. All of her predictions end up being true, which bothers Sokka, also ethnically diverse. The fire nation, while primarily the antagonist, is known for its most advanced technology out of every single one of the continents in all of the world, and it was based off of Japanese culture! I understand what you're going for, but as you put it "some Asian countries" have this technology, it makes sense to have a wide range of countries in Asia, some living in advanced ...more

I think that by mixing all the Asian cultures together is offensive enough. In America, people mix up cultures all the time, but to have a show that kids watch mix up cultures tells kids that Chinese and Japanese are the same. They should at least make the elements correct.

24 Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

I and most people think aang is awesome and probaly the best character on the show

Aang is an annoying hypocrite. He preaches at Katara with his holier than though attitude about how she shouldn't get revenge against the man that killed her mother, saying how he forgave the people who took Appa and killed the air nomads. But he conveniently forgets how he blames his friends and leaves them behind in a desert and gets so mad that he attacked the sandbenders and started going into avatar state until Katara stopped him, as she does every time he gets mad and freaks out. Even though all life is sacred he takes his anger out on one of the wasps in the desert and kills it, even though it had nothing to do with Appa. It may not have been human but "all life is sacred". When Katara doesn't follow through with killing the man, he acts like it was his great advice that stopped her, not her own feelings. And he is not too busy being a less funny Sokka he is a moody and angsty teen. Sure I get it, he is a kid with a lot of pressure. But it seriously gets old. Thank ...more

25 Best villains get killed off

What are you talking about?! What villain got killed off? Zhao? No he actually got taken to the spirit world I think. Ozai? No he just got sent to prison and got his bending taken away. Azula? Nope she didn't die either. No awesome villain that I can think off got killed! So what are you talking about?!

Why create a the world's best villains if they are going to get killed of at the end?

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