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21 The Avatar World isn't real
22 An insult to Asian cultures

Whoever put this here is blind in the head. I don't find anything anti-Asian bout this. Instead, I find it amazing, especially since Asia's big on interesting things like the supernatural. In fact, I was born in that continent. And so, I live up to these Asian characteristics:

1. Interest in martial arts

2. Interest in technology

3. Interest in the supernatural

4. High intelligence

5. Serious behavior

5. Mature attitude

I don't get how people say that, I really don't. What IS racist is that no other white cartoon creators have based their fictional world off of an other race/ethnicity. Think about all the kids that aren't white. Don't you think they deserve a hero from their race/ethnicity?

Examples include an episode about this village with the wise fortune teller woman that everyone believes in, and completely scorns science. Mind you, some Asian countries actually have scientific technologies that west would envy about. Not just that, but the show is giving western audiences wrong ideas about martial arts, buddhism, and also the Chinese language itself. (They can't even pronounce 'Yue' and 'Chi' correctly, and the Chinese characters are simplified and looks like as if they are just randomly picked out of a dictionary. )

I would like to say several things about your comment. I myself am white, which of course makes this unfair, and I'm thirteen, but first of all wish to point out the truth in the names to you. "Yue" is one of the people from the Northern Water Tribe, which is based off of Inuit culture, and it's pronunciation is not made to sound like the Chinese word, but the Japanese word. Another thing: Team Avatar visits many villages, and the "wise fortune teller woman" doesn't completely scorn science. All of her predictions end up being true, which bothers Sokka, also ethnically diverse. The fire nation, while primarily the antagonist, is known for its most advanced technology out of every single one of the continents in all of the world, and it was based off of Japanese culture! I understand what you're going for, but as you put it "some Asian countries" have this technology, it makes sense to have a wide range of countries in Asia, some living in advanced ...more

Whoever said this needs to rethink their lifeā€¦

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23 Characters are similar to that of characters from Marvel Comics

This list is retarded these aren't true who ever made this list is a idiot eho knows nonthing about avatar

24 There is only one living Airbender

Isn't that.. The point of avatar: THE LAST AIRBENDER.
Clue is kinda in the name

Uuh... why on earth is this on here?

That is a little annoying. I would love it if there were more Airbenders, so Aang wouldn't be so lonley all the time.

25 It was way too low-budget. Darn.
26 Azula always getting away/winning fights

Yeah this definitely sucked...but hey, I guess the bad guy/gal has to make it a challenge or it isn't interesting enough. I guess that the main problem here is just that she has a really irritating personality and really no redeeming qualities. Although, I've seen a lot of shows with villains that have several redeeming qualities and eventually became to likable. So maybe ATLA had the right idea with Azula.

27 Best villains get killed off

Why create a the world's best villains if they are going to get killed of at the end?

28 Bad synchronizations
29 Toph giving Aang a hard time in bitter work

I never ever even like that episode Bitter Work at all right from the start because Aang just had to be given a hard time during earth bending practice anyway just because he was doing the best he could. Thanks a lot, writers of The Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang didn't do anything nor anything else to deserve it at all.

30 The Cabbage Guy Never Married His Cabbages

His love story was incredible, but he never manages to marry his true love :(

31 Koh the Face Stealer

He creeps me out, I guess. Read the comics, though, if you want to know where he comes from. (It's super, super, super awesome! )

32 Awkward pony tails on Sokka and Zuko

He, he he. Now here is something that proves YOU NEED TO WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN. I order you to. Right now. Sorry about the caps-lock, but it openly makes fun of this on the show, therefore the "awkward pony tails" actually makes me like it better! Oh, who cares. I'm sure you're joking, right?

Horrible reason. This is just weak. All you can think of is to insult their ponytails - rockrockmountain


33 Over-protective fans
34 Aang Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

I and most people think aang is awesome and probaly the best character on the show

35 It Introduces children and others to Spiritual and Occult Practices, such as Chakras

Children shouldn't be learning about these things, chakras are extremely dangerous - even tot his day a vast majority of so called psychics, spiritualist and cult leaders use them to alter the states of people - essentially abusing them as a form of brainwashing to gain followers and make money.

Chakras are more than just energy points in the body - they are psychological gateways, things that when 'opened,' allow others to put ideals and thoughts into our minds. The wrong person uses this on someone who is searching for purpose or is in a bad state of mind and looking for guidance, that person can be led into a series of intricate mental attacks they'll use to make you question yourself and what you truly believe in as a human being - and from there, it just gets worse.

In my honest opinion, Chakras are extremely dangerous - sure they can have a good side - but I don't see that often nowadays, I see people abusing them. And Avatar the Last Airbender is only going to ...more

Chakras are only dangerous if Blocked.

36 No subtlety in the emotions so that the kids could understand
37 Unalaq kills all the past avatars

Darkness Within completely destroys your like for Avatar.

38 Amon's demise
39 Bitter Work

I always hate this episode because Aang was given a hard, tough, rough time by that tyrannical, bratty blind bandit.

40 How Azula is the same age as Katara and therefore younger than Sokka.
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