Top 10 Worst Things Bobby Hill Has Done on King of the Hill

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1 Accidentally Burned Down the Church (Revenge of the Lutefisk)

Earlier in the episode during a potluck supper to welcome the new reverend Karen Stroup Bobby eats all of her Lutfisk and throws out the platter in the trash after she finds it missing leading to her and everyone to think someone disreputably threw out the lutefisk and Bobby is too ashamed to admit it, the following day at church he gets an upset stomach and has to use the bathroom at the same time Cotton comes in and is overwhelmed by the stench and lights a match to cover the odor but it fails and leaves shortly after Bobby locks the door as another person tries to enter and in a panic tries to get rid of the smell using a match from the book of matches Cotton left behind but unable to and embarrassed he throws the smoldering matches in the wastebasket and leaves through the window unbeknownst to him the matches cause a small fire and as he returns from the bathroom Hank smells something and realizes it's a fire as everyone exists the church as they watch on in horror as the church ...more

2 Kicked Hank in the Testicles (Bobby Goes Nuts)

After Bobby is left humiliated by Chane Wassanasong he tries to take a self defense course at the YMCA but when the boxing class is all full he takes a women't self defense course and learns to kick people in the testicles and he of course begins abusing this method and goes on a crotch kicking spree and after Hank finds out about this he tries to teach Bobby to box but after becoming frustrated by Hank hitting him in the face Bobby looses it and kicks Hank really hard in the groin nearly crippling him.

This scene was pretty funny but still yeah I agree Bobby kicking Hank in the nads was pretty terrible.

3 Stole Hank's Emergency Credit Card (Rich Hank, Poor Hank)

Bobby foolishly thinks that Hank is rich after overhearing him tell Peggy about $1000 annual bonus as he thinks that's how much he makes a day along, he then comes across Hank's emergency credit card and uses it to go on a shopping spree a the mall, the credit card company picks up on the activity and alert Hank who puts a hold on his card and goes to the mall and is furious to find that Bobby has stolen his credit card.

4 Brought Tid Pao's Meth Lab Machine to School Thinking it Was a Candy Machine (Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do)

Falling for Connie's criminally minded cousin Tid Pao Bobby ditches Connie to be her partner in the science fair who manipulates him into setting up a meth lab for her, foolishly thinking her meth lab is actually a machine for making candy he brings it to the science fair where Connie immediately realizes that its not a candy machine and that it's a meth lab for creating drugs which he can literally go to jail for and making matters worse one of the judges happens to be a police officer as Bobby pleads with her to help him out before he gets in trouble and at first she is reluctant but eventually helps him out in the end.

5 Pretended to Be a Bum (The Texas Panhandler)

Bobby and Joseph get jobs in order to buy some trendy jeans but after being laughed at by people on the street they meet up with a group of teenagers who are bumming and seeing how people are giving them money they do the same and soon have a lot of money however when Hank finds out that Bobby has been bumming off people he orders him to return all the money he bummed off everyone.

6 Manipulated His Parents After They Show Up Late Picking Him Up from the Mall (Master of Puppets)

Hank and Peggy accidentally show up late picking up Bobby from the mall after it closes and both feel guilty as Bobby uses this to turn them against one another in order to receive presents and special treatment from them which quickly spirals out of control.

7 Became a Religious Nut and Destroyed Hank's Paper-Mache Uncle Sam (Born Again on the Fourth of July)

After Lucky takes Bobby to his church he is reborn and becomes a religious nut and begins annoying everyone with his preachyness and he ends up destroying Hank's Paper-Mache Uncle Sam after he misses church to work on it which then leads to Hank and the other residents of Rainey Street to think their rivals on Milton Street are responsible for this which leads to an all out war between the two feuding streets.

8 Ate Hippie Gumbo and Was Forced to Share His Stuff with the Other Hippies (Phish and Wildlife)

Hank takes Bobby and the guys on a fishing trip in order to teach Bobby to be self reliant as he stipulates that they can only eat what they catch, however Bobby is unable to catch anything and left starving and despite Hank's warning about going near the hippie campsite nearby Bobby wonders in and eats their hippie gumbo but after the pot is empty they now demand he share something of his with them since he dosne't have anything to offer them the hippies raid his and Hank's campsite and take their fishing poles among other things and they even take Hank's truck leading to Bobby to tell the Hank the truth about what happened.

9 Stole Money from Peggy's Purse to Order a Pizza (Born Again on the Fourth of July)

Bobby begins acting lazier then usual and is too lazy to go to church so he Hank and Peggy leave him home alone telling him to meet them at church, Bobby of course doesn't go and instead steals money from his mom's purse to order himself a pizza, Hank and Peggy come back angry at Bobby for not showing up at church and are shocked to find he ordered a pizza using money he stole from Peggy's purse which leads to them to have Lucky take him to his church to straighten out Bobby.

10 Gave Horrible Advice to Stacey Gibson Causing Her to Obsess Over Him and Later Hate Him (Talking Shop)

Bobby ignores Hank's wishes in signing up for auto shop to take peer counseling in hopes of meeting girls but to his disappointment he is told that he's not allowed to date or give any advice to any of their clients, Bobby of course ignores this as well and sets up a date with one of his clients Jenny Medina and also ends up giving Stacey Gibson advice about her boyfriend who then becomes madly in love with him and later breaks up with her boyfriend and expresses her love for Bobby and begins stalking him as he tells her he's not interested in her which causes her to to go crazy which later causes Jenny to break up with him for causing Stacey to snap.

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