Worst Things About Breaking Up


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21 Sex videos spreading

you know wthat I mean, they are someone filming you both, then you broke up and spread your sex videos throughout the country, the one who spread the videos is a millionaire now - ronluna

22 Crying

It happened to me a long time ago, because I asked her to be her boyfriend. She said no and I'm going home and crying because I have a dream about my girlfriend was dead because she's vampire boyfriend. His name is Osama and he is really creappy. Ps Osama is a arabian vampire

That's some crazy dream right there Arabian vampire that's creative

23 The children

Not much more to say than that.

24 Realizing you need to find another girlfriend

Man, why am I the twin of the forever alone meme?

25 When they start dating someone right after you break up
26 He/She replaces you with a criminal
27 Loneliness
28 No sex

Are you guys kidding me. By far the worst thing about breaking up is not having sex anytime you want!

29 Text dumping
30 Getting cussed out

I was in a relationship, and he broke up with me. Then he cussed me out!

31 Seeing each other again when you know the situation will be awkward
32 All future plans will never happen.

Remember the road trip we were gonna go on? Remember the holidays we were gonna spend together? The things we were gonna blow off together? Literally never gonna happen.

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1. Seeing him/her with someone else afterwards
2. Knowing that he/she might hate you now
3. Ignoring each other afterwards
1. Depression, because it's not your fault.
2. Ignoring each other afterwards
3. Seeing him/her with someone else afterwards
1. Depression, because it's not your fault.
2. Ignoring each other afterwards
3. Remaining a virgin

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