Top 10 Worst Things Bullies Do to You


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1 Give you a wedgie Give you a wedgie

Guess what I found out. Wedgies, especially when performed on males, can be dangerous, potentially causing testicular or scrotal damage. An incident in 2004 involving a ten-year-old boy required reattachment of a testicle to the scrotum. - Cartoonfan202

I feel bad for innocent people who were given wedgies - Cartoonfan202

2 Give you a swirlie Give you a swirlie

A lot of the bullies I see in shows tend to do this, by sticking your head in the toilet and flushing it - Cartoonfan202

3 Shove you in a locker

Especially if you're small - Cartoonfan202

4 Pants you

It is the worst. Anyone can do it, and it is more embarrassing then getting wedgied.

Also known as flagging, or debagging - Cartoonfan202

5 Hang you on the flagpole by your underwear

That kind of reminds me of that thing they do at summer camps, where they use someone's underwear as a flag and salute it. - Cartoonfan202

6 Stuff you in a garbage can

I'd run right home and take a shower if this happened to me - Cartoonfan202

7 Steal your lunch money

One of the most cliche things that they do to you - Cartoonfan202

8 Beat you up

Goes along with everything else on the list - Cartoonfan202

Should be first. Because it really hurts. - Userguy44

People die that easy by getting beat up - Sausagelover99

I agree with you, Userguy44.

9 Give you a purple nurple

Whats that? Isn't that where they twist your nipples - Cartoonfan202


10 Watch you piss

Pretty sure the guy grew up to be gay when this happened in year 2 - BrianScott01

The Contenders

11 Kills You
12 Give you a noogie

Sometimes its done just for fun, but other times its not - Cartoonfan202

13 Beat you up in a dark alley, take your lunch money and throw you into a skip

They must have a lot of energy...

14 Gossip about you
15 Take your stuff

Usually without you knowing, just to annoy you and get a reaction.

16 Kick you in your nuts
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