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21 F*** you

If I own this world and someone says that to me, I'd beat the hell out of him or her.

You have to shut the hell up. It is never nice to swear or call anyone this.

Oh goodness

HOW IS "It was just a joke" OVER THIS!?!? - thisisaveryrandomusername88

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22 Why you so short?

Nobody should care too much that there will always be short people in the world.

If someone tels me I'm short I'll kick them I'm the balls!

I get this a LOT. I've always been the smallest in the class. And teachers mistaken me, a fifth grader as a 2nd or 3rd grader. Even some of the 1st graders are taller than me!

They should mind their own d*mn business.

23 Shut up

Bullies deserve to be told that, especially since they have big mouths.

24 You're a nerd

What's wrong with being a nerd? Many nerds are awesome. Without them, this world will still be stuck in either the Middle Ages or ancient times.

99% of video games are from nerds - lol2016

I take this as a compliment

I arm ma nerd

25 OMG You're so dumb and stupid. You're a nerd

A nerd is considered to be extremely smart and drawn towards a specific hobby or passion that they seem to be obsessed with such as reading or playing video games. The bully that is saying that sentence is the one that is dumb because that person doesn't seem to know what is the difference between the words nerd and stupid.

I'd like to see one or more bullies get beaten for saying that. I mean, what's wrong with being a nerd? Without them, Earth will still be stuck in either the Middle Ages or ancient times.

A nerd is a smart person! If you call someone stupid and than you call him a nerd you are Turing a bad deed into a good deed!

Well I'm not a nerd but people think I'm stupid 😢

26 You don't have one

Yep that's one of the things that makes me very angry. Saying that to overweight people like me is cruel.

Don't have what?

Bullies are the ones without a heart or a life

What does this even mean?

27 Calling you the opposite gender

This has Happened to me Many times. I've been called a Girl many times based on how high my Voice is because I'm Autistic. I don't even sound like a Girl but I'm 18 almost 19 and my voice is higher than it should be. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Now I'm just Assuming things because I've been called a Girl so much in my Life. I once had a Friend who would call me Squeakers based on how high my Voice is. I was Friends with her for years. I have no Idea why. I thought she was my Best Friend but she Bullied me for years. And she would call me Squeakers because of how high my Voice is. It's not fun being called the Opposite Gender of what you are based on how your Voice sounds. She would always call me a Girl. Then other people would start calling me Squeakers too. It wasn't Fun. Now I want REVENGE.

Well, that's pretty stupid. How would hoodlums like it if their called that?

I've been called that for a very long time and I really get dead furious I actually punched someone in the neck it was a light punch. Then a couple of friends came up to me and said to me that he was teasing them as well

If your autistic you wouldn't even be able to comment on this.

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28 You have a tiny penis

"So you look at me while I'm getting changed? That's gross! " I'm a girl by the way.

GROSS, bullies so disgusting like their face

That's downright stupid and bad! No one should care what anyone's penis size is because doing that is too private and offensive.

If someone says that to another person, the latter could likely clobber the former.

I voted because I actually thought this was kind of funny. It's random as hell😂

29 They tell the ugliest person in the class you like them

Doing that makes those bullies/hooligans liars.

30 You are noob
31 You smell

If anyone says that to me, I'd respond by saying, "Look who's talking."

If a bully says that, reply with, funny that it's the same deodorant/ perfume that you use - gruppenfuhrer

Yah - 1507563

32 If you died nobody would even care!

If those bullies die, I wouldn't care.

How could they die if they don't have a life.😊

33 You make out with Donald Trump

They're better off making out with themselves.

I would never do it not even drunk

"I hope you let this slide"

You are a little ugly

34 Admit it! You had plastic surgery!

I'd rather that bullies get surgery.

Admit It! You had a Brain Surgery!

Someone said this to me. I pointed to my face and said “This IS plastic surgery. It takes a lot of work to look this good”

Bullies should get the worst surgery of their lives😮.

35 I wish you were a monkey! Because it really suits you!

Well, how would bullies like it if someone says that to them?

Just Shut Up! Your always talking about YOUR FAMILY!

36 Why do you even have friends?

I dare bullies to be asked that by their victims.

Say, because they hate you! - gruppenfuhrer

This girl named Hannah said this to me... -QueenTopStacker

I do have friends unlike them😊

37 What the hell?

It is bad words

That's not mean - 1507563

38 Why don't you shut up little nerd

Well it's better to be a nerd to be completely dumb like you.

39 I love you

That's probably a phrase that bullies use to lure their victims into false sense of security.

I experienced this before,it made me lost hope for the rest of my elementary school. - SamuiNeko

40 I ought to kill you!

Saying that can land anyone in jail.

Bullies ought to die in hell

Bullies ought to burn in hell.

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