Worst Things That Can Happen After Making a List On TheTopTens

There are so many fantastic lists on here, it's so hard to make one when all the good ideas are taken!

The Top Ten

1 The list already exists

I made a top ten list of top ten lists of top ten lists and admin merged it to "Best Lists on TheTopTens". It's not even the same thing! GRR! Lol - Misfire

I actually made a list called 'Top 10 Most Overrated Sci-Fi Movies' turns out the list was already made, BUT, with a different name. But I had no idea! People started to claim that I stole the idea, even though I had no clue. I blame this one on the website itself. Why? There's not that big of a difference in the titles. It's basically top 10 most overrated Sci-Fi movies without the top 10 part at the beginning! How in your right minds think, "Meh, it has a different name, so it must be different." WHEN IT'S CLEARLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?!?!? GOD! - MontyPython

Everyone should do a search of lists before submitting or creating - Billyv

It's pretty difficult to make a good list when they already exist! - HappyFlower

2 People add random items
3 It gets offensive

Some people just take things too far. - PositronWildhawk

4 People hate it

I'm afraid of comments like "Your list sucks! " - HappyFlower

That is why I do not make lists

5 You spelled something wrong

That would be really embarrassing! - HappyFlower

6 People add random items and you get blamed for them

This had occurred to me. - Animefan12

7 Another list gets submitted at the same time as yours

And guess what? They had the same topic as you. - HappyFlower

8 Some items on your list get deleted
9 Nobody votes on it
10 It gets deleted

Probably because I might be offensive. - DapperPickle

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