Top Ten Worst Things that Can Happen Between You and Your Best Friend


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1 They backstab you
2 They leave and forget all about you

I wonder how people could forget me so easily... am I really that boring and forgettable? - FireWasp2004

3 They move away
4 They stop being your friend

It's more painful when they don't tell you why and just stopped talking and interacting with you all of sudden. But, it's EVEN more painful when you found out that the reason they ditched you is because they found someone better than you... - FireWasp2004

Its really a pain when they don't actually tell you why they've stopped bieng your friends with you. - egnomac

It wouldn't be so painful if they told you the reason they just... stopped... - Britgirl

5 You get into a fight
6 You stop talking to each other
7 They become jealous of your success

My friends can get jealous of me getting good grades (they think that I get good grades without even trying, but it actually took me a LOT of work to get an A), but I can get jealous of them too because some of them are naturally born with a talent to draw (something vital for me to get my dream job...but sadly I don't have it at all). So yeah, we're jealous at each - FireWasp2004

8 You become jealous of their success
9 They date your brother or sister

Some people out there aren't cool with their best friend daring their brother or sister. - egnomac

10 They date someone you like

The Contenders

11 They replace you with someone else

You have to tell yourself that if they do this to you, they weren't really a friend in the first place. You deserve better. You're certainly better off without their "friendship".
And no, I'm not perfect, but I have never done this to anyone nor would I in the future; I'm just not wired that way. I actually value a friendship. - Britgirl

12 They become your enemy
13 You both grow apart from each other
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