Worst Things that Can Happen During and After Making a List on TheTopTens


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1 You can't think of the last few items to put on the list (During)

That's why I have infinite list drafts with like, 5 things on them.

Happens to me all the time - B0S5J4M3S

Basically me every time

2 You find out that your list is really similar to another list (After)

Yes, I one thought I made a creative and clever list, but afterwards I realised it was kinda similar to another list - styLIShT

This happened to me! My list got accepted and it was exactly like another list.

I hate it when this happens - awesomedp900

3 All your ideas are already taken (During)

I love this list so much. Good job!

I hate when this happens

4 You already submitted the list but then you just found out that there was something wrong with it (After)

That happened to me once, I was SO upset

5 People troll on the list (After)

It sucks

6 Your list was approved but then gets deleted after that (After)
7 People insult your list (After)

That's what can easily happen because the people who do it for fun are trolls with no life

That happened to me!

TopTenner: Your list sucks!
Me: How about all YOUR lists suck?! Did you think of THAT?! (LOL)
TopTenner: *cries in the corner*
Me: It’s fine, just don’t say mine sucks and I won’t bother you ok?
TopTenner: Ok 👍

8 Your list gets merged (After)

NO - B0S5J4M3S

9 You spelled something wrong (After)

Yep, I put metal/tock instead of rock, and reliad instead of load. - awesomedp900

I have a list called Top 10 TopTenners Who Have to Potential to Be Popular.
Now that title does not make any of what is know as "sense."

10 The title gets changed by the admin and it changes the meaning of the list (After)

That happened to my sister on her first account!

The Contenders

11 The list gets returned (After)
12 The items get changed after submission (After)
13 You regret making the list (after)

Trust me I have at least 3 that I regret

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