Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen In LittleBigPlanet

If you play any of the LBP series, one of these worst things could've happened to you

The Top Ten

1 Your game freezes while you're making a level and you didn't save it

I was making a High school RPG and then the game froze unexpectedly and I didn't even save it, I was so angry and I had to start it all over again. - carafa0123

2 Someone random joins your pod and starts slapping you and your friends
3 Getting trolled

This has happened to me when I was 12, when a troll encouraged me to commit suicide, I wrote a really stupid reply, I was a victim of a troll. They made a film about me being mentally ill, and also made a level about exposing me as a whiny little bitch. I even was thinking of committing suicide at that time. Be careful what you do on the the internet kids. Don't do the same mistake as I did. - carafa0123

4 Your friend stickers/decorating your sackperson without notice

Hate it when that happens to me, every time my friend stickers/decorates me, I feel like stabbing my friend in the chest.. - carafa0123

5 Getting attacked by FNAF fanboys
6 Your friend cries for no reason when you slap them
7 Your friend deletes you after you beat them in Slapsters

Many people on LBP seem to take slaps seriously... -_- - carafa0123

8 When you accidentally join/invite a friend you don't really like
9 When somebody tells you to H4H with them

H4hers won't understand that no is NO - carafa0123

10 Somebody hacks you

The Contenders

11 When somebody keeps begging you to let them join
12 Somebody commenting on your profile saying stuff that you don't care about
13 Your friend joins and he/she puts random things while you're making a level
14 When somebody comments about advertising their level on your profile
15 When somebody blocks you because you posted a negative review on their level
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