Worst Things That Can Happen While Having a Shower

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1 You Hear a Camera Click

That would be the worst if that happened I would be upset if someone took a photo of me

Probably a Bluetooth controlled camera.

How did a camera get in the shower anyway? And who's behind it? Hmmm...

Or even worse, you hear a gun cock. - SoongeBill

2 The Water Suddenly Turns Freezing

This happened to me on too many occasions when my hot water ran out. Leaves you shocked. Not a pleasant experience.

Has happened to me before. The heater had gone out. Not pleasant.

Yikes! Not the best thing to happen during a morning shower!

That always sucks when this happens when taking a shower

3 You Hear a Creepy Voice

I really don't want It to be Bill Cipher or worse SpongeBob SquarePants.

I don't want it to be Greg Heffley or worse Manny Heffley

Hopefully it's just your imagination... or is it?

Just hope it's not Norman Bates.

4 The Police Come Knocking on the Bathroom Door

"Open up! Or we'll smash the door open! "
"Er, give me a minute! "

Quite an awkward situation!

That would be odd if that happened when I was taking a shower

5 The Shower Door Becomes Jammed

You'll be freezing to death as the hot water runs out, or starved to death.

Put your phone in a plastic bag so if that happens you can call for help.

Just smash the glass and turn off the shower, duh

Someone get me a sledgehammer!

6 The Ceiling Collapses

Better get out of the shower, quick!

Hey, Wolftail, look who's up here! O_O

... And your neighbour in the flat above you falls on you...

7 Someone Opens the Bathroom Door

"Oh, sorry, didn't realise anyone was in here."
"Couldn't you hear the water running? "

Haha! Hopefully that won't happen to me.

That would be the worst I would be embarrassed and hope they wouldn't see me

Unless that someone is yourself...

This happened to me before

8 The Water Turns to Blood

Guess what, ladies? Your period just started.

Then that song from Slayer starts playing.

How can that even happen

Vampires love it

9 A Curtain You Didn't Notice Behind You Rises, Revealing an Audience

*Cue the sitcom laughter*

10 The Floor Collapses

Having something underneath the floor of the shower to cushion your fall is very unlikely. Prepare to be bruised by underground pipes!

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11 Sudden Case of Diarrhea

That would be the worst if that happened when taking a shower

12 Your Least Favourite Song Starts Playing Really Loudly

I would just turn the shower off, even if I will get screamed at for not washing my hair.

I would hate if barbie girl aqua started playing loudly when I was taking a shower

The perfect horror movie music would be Nicki Minaj's music.

Well, if your least favourite song is the psycho soundtrack...

13 Shower Scene from Psycho Happens to You

This is worse than than being photographed which would just be very embarrassing.

I thought this was going to be #1

that would just plan suck.

14 The Cat Jumps Onto Your Chest

how would this happen?

15 A News Helicopter Appears Adjacent to the Window

I don't have a window in my bathroom

16 The Water Suddenly Disappears

That would be odd if that happened when taking a shower

That may bother me much if I pass these days

"What? Where did the water go? "

Happend to me

17 Shower Door Slams on Private Parts
18 Leeches Rise from the Drain

*slides from couch* Ewwwww!

19 You Fall and Break Your Arm

That would really be painful hopefully it never happens

Not good

20 Your Doctor Breaks Into the Room, Saying You Need an Emergency Prostate Exam
21 Power Goes Out

The power went out on me a few times I remember it being very dark, I had to turn off the shower and get out, at first I thought the light burned out then I noticed it was a power outage

This happened to me today was taking a shower this morning then the power went out, it was pitch black

I had this happen to me twice when I was taking a shower it was dark, once I thought the light burned out

22 Shower Glass Breaks on You

That would be the worst if that happened if I was at someone house that had glass on the shower

that would really hurt.

23 Multiple Insects Appear in the Shower Stall

That would be terrifying. Although this sounds more like a nightmare, not something you would expect to happen in real life

24 Water Gets Too Cold

I hate when this happens

25 The Shower Gets Taken by the Repo Man
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