Worst Things That Can Happen While at a Party

Sometimes, it's fun to have a party, other times, it's not. But the worst things about parties could perhaps be the party poopers. There's a reason why the song Here exists, and its existence is the distaste of parties, so why not vote on what you distaste?

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1 You fall unconscious a few hours into it V 2 Comments
2 You don't have any music to play

So start singing rapping playing instruments... - Eil__een

V 1 Comment
3 People you hate turn up

This is why the camera man is invited,so he can film me pranking the people I hate - Nateawesomeness

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4 You don't have any snacks V 2 Comments
5 The house gets trashed and you need to tidy it before your parents come home

This is why whenever I have a party, when it's over, I won't let anyone leave until the house is cleaned. - Pegasister12

Happens every time. Just make the guests clean. - Eil__een

But those were the house decorations;a; - Nateawesomeness

6 A fight breaks out V 2 Comments
7 Everybody leaves

That happens normally if the party is over. - Eil__een

V 1 Comment
8 You get grounded

Then every one leaves and you look stupid. - Eil__een

9 You realize it's actually a funeral V 3 Comments
10 Nicki Minaj shows up

Make sure not to play any of her club bangers; They'll make the party cry. - Swellow

Cripes! I'd kill myself if this happened! - WonkeyDude98

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The Contenders

11 People eat up all the snacks
12 No one comes

That might be good actually you don't need to have the party. - Eil__een

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13 You want to go into the pool but it's full
14 Nobody brought Mario Party
15 Somebody brought Mario Party V 1 Comment
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