Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You As a Teenager

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Suicide thoughts

Acne should not be above this, suicide is ending your own life, pretty sure that's worse than a bump on your face.

Don't worry Mikey, the list is switched around and now Suicide Thoughts is first.

Actually this is a serious problem no matter what age.

Teens have commit suicide because of school events like bullying and stress going on!

I have wanted to commit suicide because I really hate the quality of school but I stop wanting to commit suicide thanks to friends on TopTens better than crappy people on instagram.

I know that suicide is pretty serious when their is a bully and stuff...but I think it's going a bit too far when girls try to commit suicide over a boy

Death of a parent or sibling

Yes, it's kinda cruel for a teenager to go through this when ideally, you'd expect a teenager to be having the best time of their lives; I say this from the experience of losing my mother a few months ago

I wouldn’t be able to go on with life if my mum dad or siblings died. Honestly I believe this would be the beginning of suicidal thoughts which is why it should be at number one

The family dog passed from a sickness. He was like a little brother to me. I broke down in tears when I heard his last howl. I'm a huge animal lover, so when this happened it felt like a chunk was taken from my heart. every time I think of him, I get all sad.

Nothing wrong with mourning and loving a pet, and surely it's a deep emotional experience, but the subject here is losing a human family member which usually is incomparable in significance

This happened to me, I'm still going through it! It's harsh and it sucks!


If anyone is going through this they need to talk to someone immediately

Bullying can really affect a kids life it can give them suicidal thoughts and other terrible thing like that I hate seeing it happen to kids

Here's advice to all of the bullies out there : Burn in *** you ****suckers and I hope Chucky sticks his knife up your ***

I know, being a nerd and a jerk at the same time does have some benefits!

God, I get this from one of my so called "best friends" every day, its worse in highschool

Getting raped

This is the most horrible thing that can happen to you as a child. It destroys your childhood.

How is this not number 1? This is the most horrifying thing that could happen to ANYONE at ANY AGE!

It would be traumatizing & it would scar you for life.

All rapists should be shot

Becoming pregnant

Once you find this out you are faced with the decision if a lifetime - keep the baby or don’t.

Yep, this happened to one of my friends, though she moved to a nearby town, she still found a way to tell us. She's 14. We talked about it over text, and I gave her some advice. Her mother will most likely have a fit about it. Hopefully, she won't make her get an abortion. Poor thing, becoming a mother at this age. I think 25 is the best age to have a child.

Just keep playing Fallout 4. It's the most effective birth control

Teenage pregnancy would end your happiness as a teen. You'll have so many responsibilities you're not prepared for.

Being humiliated at school

This happens to everyone and honestly it doesn’t really scar you for life

Only relatable thing here

MOM... thanks for that


I really wish this wasn’t a thing it is so terrible and it can really get me thinking something how can we stop it what causes it and every five seconds another reason is popping up

Depression and anxiety are two horrible mental problems that every teen faces every once in a while, however if it’s constant it’s very serious and this too can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions

i have it

Or having PMDD

Lose all your friends

If you have a good one they wont leave, even if one of you messes up, as long as its not intentional

I lose most of my real life friends because they thought I'm weird

I went to high school hoping to make new friends but instead I just ended up losing loads of friends

My biggest fear I swear losing all of my friends.

Being involved with drugs

Smoke WEED everyday

Something like this can end your life


I think everyone has a spot or two not going to lie it’s not the worst thing

You guys are going to have a very hard life if you're voting for a couple little bumps on you as the worst thing about being a teenager.

I don't mind about acne very much. I've stopped eating sugar and I also no longer frequently eat fried foods. Some of it is going away but I am continuing to outgrow video games and go outside more then I got more off. Only half of my face has it now but it takes a while before it goes away and you also need to get older before they really go away.

Really? This isn't terrible. I started getting pimples in 5th grade - when I was 10/11. I don't really care anymore, I just accept is as a part of me. There are things 1000 times worse than acne, this really shouldn't be on the list.

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? Sent to War

Anything involving war is horrific.

This is actually worse then rape. And depression. And suicidal thoughts. GET IT TO NUMBER ONE. YOU WILL PROBABLY DIE IF THIS HAPPENS, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS YOU DON'T ALWAYS DIE.

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Bad grades

I pretty good at most subjects but maths is the only subject I'm not good at

If you're Asian then you're screwed

In my first 9 weeks I've had bad grades

I'm very good at every subject except math

Being kidnapped and then tortured until death

Acne is worse than this?

Why the fak isn't this number 1

Make this higher than Acne

I hate when this happens.

Getting beaten up

How is this only 14th? This hurts!

This hurts so bad

Dating goes wrong

When dating goes wrong I’m anyway it can really hurt and it can leave some kids upset for a very long time

I have a girlfriend who's 2 years older than me so I have to do a HARDER job

I never had a boyfriend

I never want to date anyway.

Being falsely accused of being a criminal
Parents divorcing

It is very scary and sometimes it feels like it is all it fault even if it is not

This has happened to me, but my parents weren’t really made for each other.

This happened to me when I was 5.

Trust me. This is terrifying.

Date breaks up with you

My boyfriend dumped me over text

Never want a date.

Until the break-up dating can be one of the best things about high school. - Stalin

Sexual abuse

I think that's very scary (even I'm 100 years old)

No one should have to go through it

What a fluk
Are you Rubisyou craztal

Losing both of your parents

Wow, getting bad grades is worse than this...

Losing one is terrible enough

Make this higher

Get this higher!

Get suspended from school

If you do some bad things in school

This is fun

Having an eating disorder

People make fun of these kids a lot more and I think kids do this even if u are just a little bit different


What is this

Justin Bieber becomes your favorite singer

The Justin Bieber joke is old.

What if he becomes a good singer?

Well, he actually is a talented singer, but the way he uses it is so repulsive. - TheHabsFan

What the heck? the JB jokes are getting old


Change of sex

It can be scary and confusing and some kids start second guessing themselves about it some people get bullied about it to and that really bugs me they are just being themselves dang

It is very terrifying. I guess it should be in the top 5 or at least the top10

Your parents punish you for nothing

Oh, right, the GoAnimate videos where parents ground and punish their child for nothing.

Only as a teen? My dad blames me for everything!

This annoying when this happens

I'm an adult and this still happens to me! >:(

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