Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You As a Teenager


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1 Suicide thoughts

Acne should not be above this, suicide is ending your own life, pretty sure that's worse than a bump on your face. - Garythesnail

Don't worry Mikey, the list is switched around and now Suicide Thoughts is first. - Catacorn

Teens have commit suicide because of school events like bullying and stress going on!

I have wanted to commit suicide because I really hate the quality of school but I stop wanting to commit suicide thanks to friends on TopTens better than crappy people on instagram. - InfernoTopTenners

Actually this is a serious problem no matter what age. - music-is-life

This is a serious mental condition which affects the minority of the teenage world; however, as it leads in death or serious injury, it is definitely one of the worst on the list. If you need help with suicidal thoughts, call Samaritan’s.

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2 Death of a parent or sibling

The family dog passed from a sickness. He was like a little brother to me. I broke down in tears when I heard his last howl. I'm a huge animal lover, so when this happened it felt like a chunk was taken from my heart. every time I think of him, I get all sad. - Pegasister12

Nothing wrong with mourning and loving a pet, and surely it's a deep emotional experience, but the subject here is losing a human family member which usually is incomparable in significance - Billyv

This happened to me, I'm still going through it! It's harsh and it sucks! - ChomperJMan97

Really hurts I lost my dad less than 3 months ago 6 days before thanks giving and I watched him die and I am 12 years old - lbelle0527

This has got to be #1. Losing a parent tears you apart.

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3 Bullying

Here's advice to all of the bullies out there : Burn in *** you ****suckers and I hope Chucky sticks his knife up your *** - JaysTop10List

I know, being a nerd and a jerk at the same time does have some benefits! - JaysTop10List

God, I get this from one of my so called "best friends" every day, its worse in highschool

This can also happen to little kids but yeah, It's terrible - MLPFan

Time to make a cringy grounded video to ironically mock these suckers... - MChkflaguard_Yt

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4 Becoming pregnant

Yep, this happened to one of my friends, though she moved to a nearby town, she still found a way to tell us. She's 14. We talked about it over text, and I gave her some advice. Her mother will most likely have a fit about it. Hopefully, she won't make her get an abortion. Poor thing, becoming a mother at this age. I think 25 is the best age to have a child. - Pegasister12

Just keep playing Fallout 4. It's the most effective birth control - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Teenage pregnancy would end your happiness as a teen. You'll have so many responsibilities you're not prepared for.

Had a pregency scare once, actually it wasn't really a real preguency just me being stupid. Don't ask. Anyway the shear thought of getting preqnant and losing a life I haven't even started and giving it up for a kid, or just having to deal with my family members in general would be awful. This has to be the worst thing

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5 Being humiliated at school

Only relatable thing here

6 Getting raped

This is the most horrible thing that can happen to you as a child. It destroys your childhood.

How is this not number 1? This is the most horrifying thing that could happen to ANYONE at ANY AGE!

It would be traumatizing & it would scar you for life. - Luxam

Being raped is one of my biggest fears. and I'm sorry for those who have been raped.

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7 Being involved with drugs

Smoke WEED everyday

8 Acne

I don't mind about acne very much. I've stopped eating sugar and I also no longer frequently eat fried foods. Some of it is going away but I am continuing to outgrow video games and go outside more then I got more off. Only half of my face has it now but it takes a while before it goes away and you also need to get older before they really go away.

Really? This isn't terrible. I started getting pimples in 5th grade - when I was 10/11. I don't really care anymore, I just accept is as a part of me. There are things 1000 times worse than acne, this really shouldn't be on the list. - Merilille

Just wash your face daily and keep your hygiene good :v - MLPFan

Looks wise, this isn't bad compared to your earlobe ripping in your sleep. - PianoQueen

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9 Lose all your friends

If you have a good one they wont leave, even if one of you messes up, as long as its not intentional - EliHbk

I lose most of my real life friends because they thought I'm weird - MLPFan

My biggest fear I swear losing all of my friends.

Worst than acne... - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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10 Bad grades

In my first 9 weeks I've had bad grades - Nateawesomeness

If you're Asian then you're screwed

I'm very good at every subject except math - MLPFan

Just wanna aim high... Just wanna aim perfect.
TT, but still-- in the end. I go B!

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? Dying
? Using profanity

They use profanity a lot

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11 Dating goes wrong

I have a girlfriend who's 2 years older than me so I have to do a HARDER job - AlphaQ

I never want to date anyway. - Userguy44

I never had a boyfriend - MLPFan

12 Being kidnapped and then tortured until death

Why the fak isn't this number 1 - Nateawesomeness

Acne is worse than this? - wambamkam

This came out of nowhere jesus

When has this happened ever. - Puga

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13 Losing both of your parents

Wow, getting bad grades is worse than this...

Get this higher! - Userguy44


14 Getting beaten up

How is this only 14th? This hurts! - Userguy44

15 Date breaks up with you

Never want a date. - Userguy44

16 Justin Bieber becomes your favorite singer

The Justin Bieber joke is old.

What if he becomes a good singer? - AlphaQ

What the heck? the JB jokes are getting old - AlphaQ


17 Your parents punish you for nothing

ya - AlphaQ

18 Puberty

I thought this would be in top 10.. - djeidi123

19 Depression
20 Having your family killed in front of you

Whoever thinks that they should just kill ANYONE, especially a poor teenager's family IN FRONT OF HER? This world is just messed up.

Yea this true way. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

21 Being very tall, yet very weak
22 Getting friendzoned

Am I the only one who doesn't see this as bad? I used to be scared of being friendzoned, but later on. I don't see what's wrong with it. You can't forced someone to love you back and you have to accept things in life. because who knows? Maybe after you got friendzoned, you'd get a new crush and your new crush likes you back! - MLPFan

Not that bad. You have to respect someone's opinion and not get mad just because they don't want to date you.

My 2 crushes are good friends of mine, so I will most likely get friendzoned. - Pegasister12

You people really don't know what a blessing being friendzoned is. I have to put up with this BS every day:

"No don't make me work with Jack. Anyone but Jack"
-my crush after I asked her out. - IronSabbathPriest

23 Getting beat up by someone who you thought was weaker than you

It very embarrassing to be beaten by someone you thought was weaker than you especially if he/she does not talk to much and again more embarrassing if a bit gets beaten by a girl🤐

24 Being falsely accused of being a criminal
25 Zombie apocalypse

It doesn't seem like the worse the zombie apocalypse can get very romantic and you could possibly survive it

Just hang out with the doomsday-preppers. You’lol be fine. - Cyri

26 Being accused of being moody
27 Sexual abuse

I think that's very scary (even I'm 100 years old) - JolteonIsAwesome

28 Wasting all your time
29 Random erections

I suffer from this. It's annoying because I always try to push it back but it curls and makes me uncomfortable

The bane of my existence. - FrozenHatingPokefan

30 Change of sex

It is very terrifying. I guess it should be in the top 5 or at least the top10

31 Having an eating disorder
32 Getting erectile dysfunction
33 Peer pressure

Look at my new blog post. it explains it all - AnonymousChick

What's wrong with peer pressure,I get in trouble all the time,it's so fun - Nateawesomeness

34 Get suspended from school

This is fun

35 Being a late bloomer

I was the smallest kid in my grade until I was 17, people made fun of my squeaky voice, looking like a 12 year old, etc.

I was one of the smallest kids in my class until I turned 13 and was in 7th grade. You small guys will grow someday don't worry.

I'm a normal bloomer. Not late, but not early either - MLPFan

36 Being stalked
37 Have toxic parents/friends
38 You Get Your Period

Not bad but the worst part about getting your period is that if you have it in the middle of class and the teacher won't let you go the bathroom, not only will it be very unhygienic but blood will get everywhere.

You Stan your pants in public and have no tampon or pad

39 Being shy in school
40 Hearing a Justin Bieber song
41 Being taken away from your parent
42 Being shunned by the PC Thought Police

If you don't think exactly as they want you to, you may as well pack it in, you are through.

43 Parents divorcing

Trust me. This is terrifying. - Userguy44

This happened, but I wasn’t a teen. I was 12. - Cyri

44 Being eaten alive

Please don�'t eat me

45 Starvation
46 Farting in class and blaming it on someone and them responding "whoever smelt it dealt it"
47 Death of a pet

I can relate. - Userguy44

48 You run out of food

Don't even want to imagine. - Userguy44

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