Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You at a School Fair


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1 A giant clown crushes you

Have a found one of these lists where Justin Bieber is not number one?

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2 Your favorite horse runs away

Just put hay in your hands and make the horse come back

So what about horses

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3 A madman steals all of your prizes

Your prize for winning is a stuffed animal, and a robbery

Well you start with nothing so you lose nothing - jmepa1234

4 The bullies beat you up

Where's that superhero guy in the carnival, these bullys are being annoying

5 You run out of money

My Mum often takes me to fairs and stuff with no money and I can't stand watching other people eat those juicy burgers... - jmepa1234

6 You can't breathe and asphyxiate

I don't know, some people are into that.

This would be bad anywhere. - OriginalVisionary

This is bad anywhere - jmepa1234

7 You're not allowed to drink

Just get water from the fountain

Don't go and get a drink at home! - jmepa1234

8 Getting hit in the face on accident

By what a rollercoaster! Or the swings!

I agree with the other guy, the swings can hurt

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9 You have an accident right before they say that you get first place

I have to go change,

Then they are like "I was about to say you won..." - jmepa1234

That Happened To Cooper

10 Having a giant cheese wheel fall on you

Um is this the main attraction for mice

That's from the Garfield show

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The Contenders

11 It blows up and kills everyone inside
12 Terrorists come into the fair and take everyone hostage
13 Weird old men try to kidnap girls

Just kick their nuts

14 Hyenas eat everyone alive
15 Ferris wheel turns into a spinning hell
16 An earthquake happens
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1. A madman steals all of your prizes
2. Your favorite horse runs away
3. A giant clown crushes you
1. A giant clown crushes you
2. Your favorite horse runs away
3. A madman steals all of your prizes



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