Top 10 Worst Things That Can Happen to You When You Fall Down the Stairs


The Top Ten

1 You die

Ow *thud* Ow *thud* Noo, I'm not ready to die! - MeaganSaysHI

2 You break your legs

You definitely couldn't have left this option out - Fan_of_Good_Music

It will hurt

3 You pee yourself/You poop yourself

I heard this happened to one of my classmates. - MeaganSaysHI

4 You throw up

Probably from you moving too much. - MeaganSaysHI

5 You have a seizure
6 You have a concussion if you fall the opposite way
7 Your child watches

Happened to my mother. She was seven months pregnant, so she just didn't have the balance. I was 2, and I just sat and watched. - PositronWildhawk

If it was a good child it would cry, If it was a bad child it would laugh and cheer. - MeaganSaysHI

Wow Pos, not to offend your brother, but from what I hear, I think that might explain quite a lot. - keycha1n

8 You fall on your dog/cat after falling down the stairs

The dog or cat must be thinking "Get off me you hobo! " - MeaganSaysHI

9 You fall down the stairs and then fall out the window

Jeez, Your stairs and your window must be widely in love. - MeaganSaysHI

10 You fall down the stairs and then break the TV with your feet

No not the T.V. ! Now what am I going to watch? - MeaganSaysHI

The Contenders

11 Your parent yells at you for it

I got in trouble for falling UP the stairs as well.

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