Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to Your Cell Phone

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1 It gets flushed down the toilet

It's the worst thing that can happen that is actually not so uncommon. Your phone falling into the Mariana Trench can only happen if you're airplane roof flies off or you take a half-week long boating trip. This I can imagine is actually quite common

I was masturbating and I suddenly drop it on the toilet... RIP phone

2 It falls into the Mariana Trench
3 It gets stolen in school

I never took my phone to school, but if I did and it got stolen I would of been upset

4 Drop it in the sewer by mistake

I almost did this once lucky I caught it before it fell down there

That would suck to drop it in the sewer you would never get it back

5 It get submerged in acid
6 It stops charging

This happened with my old smart phone it stopped charging it was dying at 5% and I went to plug it in and I couldn't charge it, I still was able to format it it was 1% when it was done formatting all my photos were saved to an sd card so I didn't lose them all

7 It gets crushed by a giant boulder
8 A horse eats it
9 Format it by mistake

I just did this I an really upset, I lost everything, my photos and videos are gone, I had my grad on there, lucky my parents have some to resend to me, I also had my old cats I can't get back it really sucks that I formatted my phone, everything is gone, I wish I knew about google photos before I did this I shouldn't of disabled it

I had this happen today I so upset I lost everything, except for my photos and videos because it was backed up on google photos, I have to restart on all my games as well I wish I never did this

I once did this I pressed the wrong button and it formatted my whole phone I lost all my stuff, and had to restart all my games, my photos were still saved because they were on an sd card

10 it gets a virus
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11 Your spouse smashes it against the wall
12 It gets run over by a bulldozer
13 Lose it and it's on silent
14 Drop it in water by mistake

I dropped my phone in the toilet by mistake now it doesn't work anymore

15 A fat guy mistakes it for a chocolate bar

Why is this even on this?

16 It gets hacked
17 It freezes

It's worse when you're doing something secret.

18 The battery dies
19 It takes over 5 hours to charge

My phone used to do this with my old charger it said check your charger connection and took over 5 hours or more to charge it sucked, I got a new charger and it takes about 1 hour and a half or so to charge

20 It gets lost
21 The screen cracks
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