Worst Things Cartoon Network Did

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1 Cancelling All Original Programming
2 Cancelling of Toonami

Luckily, adult swim resurrected toonami in 2012. Thanks, adult swim! :D

3 Live Action


4 Losing the Contract with Hanna Barbera

I want the Hanna Barbera shows to be put back on Boomerang and Cartoon Network!

5 Importing Canadian Shows
6 Create More Bad Shows

Uncle grandpa, problem solverz, Johnny Test and a truckload of other garbage nobody wants to watch...

7 Fri-Dynamite
8 Adding Lego Shows

I Hate Chima So Much

9 Boomerang

Boomerang was good! Until the rebrand.

10 Cancel Good Shows

The Newcomers

? Mistreating Hanna Barbera


The Contenders

11 Bumpers
12 Cancelling DC Comics Shows Including Young Justice and Green Lantern
13 Airing The Amazing World of Gumball

That's not a problem.

14 Adding Steven Universe


15 Ditching the Cartoon City
16 Cancelling Teen Titans
17 Making Teen Titans Go! Instead of Bringing Back the Original Series

Teen titans go! Is nothing but an insult to the fans of the true teen titans.

Can't the just who both teen Titans and teen titans go

18 Airing Uncle Grandpa
19 The Videos of Annoying Kids

Those kids are weird - Officialpen

CN saying, Cartoon Network has to be careful there could be pedophiles watching and want those kids, my friend told me a kid said "ass" on one of them, why would they okay it? Why would Cartoon Network air it? Now parents would be complaining about having profanity on Cartoon Network. I only like the Garnet cosplay one. But who likes Uncle Grandpa! (The majority of them is just kids fangirling or fanboying about their favorite Cartoon Network shows)

20 Taking Over Boomerang

They pretty much made it Cartoon Network 2.0

21 The New Logo
22 Think It Was a Good Idea to Make the Problem Solverz

And then they have the nerve to make the abomination known as uncle grandpa. When will they learn?

I hate the Problem Solverz SO MUCH!

23 Airing more Mature Movies for Kids

Honestly, the movies they show are straight out bland and nothing exciting.

Dumb and Dumber and The Mask are good examples.

24 Removing All of the 1940s Looney Tunes Shorts

I mean come on. All Cartoon Network now does nowadays is they show the Looney Tunes from the Late-40's, 50's, 60's like A Hare Raising Tale, Bugs and Thugs, Odor of the Day, For Scent-imental Reasons, etc. I mean the channel used to play like ALL of the original shorts from the pre-Late 40's era like CocCo Nut Grove, Old Gray Hare, Duck Soup to Nuts, etc. I just wish Cartoon Network can play all of those shorts again including the black and white shorts.

25 Removing Mammy Cartoons on T&J

I mean what just happened? Cartoon Network used to play all of the Tom and Jerry cartoons that had Mammy Two Shoes on it like A Mouse in the House, Mouse Comes to Dinner, Triplet Trouble, Part Time Pal, Push Button Kitty, Framed Cat, Sleepy Time Tom, etc. Now all they do is show the same darn non-Mammy cartoons like Happy Go Ducky; Hatch Up Your Troubles; The Haunted Mouse; Heavenly Puss; Hic-cup Pup; High Steaks; The Hollywood Bowl, etc. Plus Lonesome Mouse was barely shown on Cartoon Network. And the network also barley plays other shorts like Texas Tom, Kitty Foiled, Blue Cat Blues, Cruise Cat. I just hope Cartoon Network can gives us back the old Tom and Jerry shorts with Mammy.

26 Yousrday

It is so grody! - Officialpen

27 Not Making a Sixth Season of the Original Teen Titans
28 Airing Teen Titans Go
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1. Cancel Good Shows
2. Airing Uncle Grandpa
3. Airing The Amazing World of Gumball
1. Cancelling of Toonami
2. Create More Bad Shows
3. Losing the Contract with Hanna Barbera


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