Top Ten Worst Things to Change Your Profile Picture To


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1 A picture of you naked

I don't want that to happen! - Neonco31

2 A picture of poop

That is very disgusting - Neonco31

Lol that would be gross... - MusicalPony

3 A picture of genitals

Let's hope you definitely don't change your profile picture to that Death Grips album cover of the penis!

Let's hope it's definitely not that Death Grips album cover!

4 A picture of Dora the Explorer
5 A racist message
6 A picture of Barney the Dinosaur

Save for BTDR, he is the only guy allowed to! - Neonco31

How dare you insult my amazing profile pic? - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

7 A picture of butthole
8 An offensive message towards LGBTQ
9 A picture of you doing something embarrassing
10 A picture of a camel spitting

The Contenders

11 A Picture of Justin Bieber

This jut sums it up - Cheddar

On TheTopTens? You can't do that! It's social suicide! 😅 - keycha1n

12 A picture of Caillou

Why would I do that? I hate Caillou - Neonco31

13 A picture that says bad words
14 A picture of Peppa Pig

I hate this idiotic pig a lot! - Neonco31

15 A picture of Nicki Minaj with big eyes from the Stupid Hoe music video

I scream bloody murder every time I see those eyes! They're scary!

It creeps me out! - cosmo

This isn't my number one choice but OH DEAR LORD, GOD HELP ME THOSE EYES ARE SCARY! - MontyPython

I would do it just to creep people out

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16 A picture of Tide pods
17 A picture of you at a strip club

What if it's my day job? - happyhappyjoyjoy

18 A picture of Nicki Minaj

Who would even want to put that ugly creature as their profile pic?

19 A picture of a scary face
20 A picture of a person with no eyes

Seriously that would be creepy. - cosmo

I'm gonna die if I see that - Neonco31

21 A picture of Adolf Hitler

RockFashionista did it! - Neonco31

22 A picture of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball
23 A picture of a dead body
24 A picture of a porno
25 A picture of Big Brother contestant
26 A Nazi symbol
27 A picture of a Klansman
28 A picture of a bloody corpse
29 A picture of Muhammad

You would get bombed by terrorists for that!

30 A picture of two people having sex
31 A picture of somebody cutting their own arm
32 Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts album cover
33 A picture of somebody's butt
34 A picture of someone pooping
35 A picture of someone with herpes
36 A picture of someone getting surgery
37 A picture of a dead rotting animal corpse
38 A picture of a woman's boobs
39 A Cannibal Corpse album cover
40 A picture of something racist
41 A picture of something sexist
42 A picture of a dead baby

Killing off a baby makes me feel sad.

43 A picture of somebody's rash
44 A picture of a middle finger
45 A picture of blood
46 A picture of boogers
47 A picture of someone masturbating
48 A picture of cigarettes
49 A picture of SpongeBob's disturbing face from Whobob Whatpants?
50 A picture of a rapist
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1. A picture of genitals
2. A racist message
3. A picture of butthole
1. A picture of Peppa Pig
2. A picture of you naked
3. A picture of Dora the Explorer
1. A picture of you naked
2. A picture of poop
3. A picture of Dora the Explorer


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