Top Ten Worst Things to Change Your Profile Picture To


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1 A picture of you naked

I don't want that to happen! - Neonco31

2 A picture of Dora the Explorer
3 A picture of poop

That is very disgusting - Neonco31

Lol that would be gross... - MusicalPony

4 A picture of Barney the Dinosaur

Save for BTDR, he is the only guy allowed to! - Neonco31

How dare you insult my amazing profile pic? - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

5 A picture of you doing something embarrassing
6 A picture of Peppa Pig

I hate this idiotic pig a lot! - Neonco31

7 A Picture of Justin Bieber

This jut sums it up - Cheddar

On TheTopTens? You can't do that! It's social suicide! 😅 - keycha1n

8 A picture of two people having sex
9 A picture of something racist
10 A Picture of Caillou

Why would I do that? I hate Caillou - Neonco31

The Contenders

11 A picture that says bad words
12 A picture of Nicki Minaj with big eyes from the Stupid Hoe music video

I scream bloody murder every time I see those eyes! They're scary!

This isn't my number one choice but OH DEAR LORD, GOD HELP ME THOSE EYES ARE SCARY! - MontyPython

I would do it just to creep people out

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13 A picture of you at a strip club

What if it's my day job? - happyhappyjoyjoy

14 A picture of Nicki Minaj

Who would even want to put that ugly creature as their profile pic?

15 A picture of a scary face
16 A picture of a person with no eyes

Seriously that would be creepy. - cosmo

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17 A Picture of Adolf Hitler

RockFashionista did it! - Neonco31

18 A picture of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball
19 A picture of a dead body
20 A picture of a porno
21 A picture of Big Brother contestant
22 Arthur
23 A Nazi symbol

But swastikas and iron crosses make great profile pictures. - NexusUnterganger639

24 A picture of a Klansman
25 A picture of genitals

Let's hope you definitely don't change your profile picture to that Death Grips album cover of the penis!

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26 A picture of a bloody corpse
27 A picture of Muhammad

You would get bombed by terrorists for that!

28 A picture of somebody cutting their own arm
29 Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts album cover
30 A picture of somebody's butt
31 A picture of someone pooping
32 A picture of someone with herpes
33 A picture of someone getting surgery
34 A picture of a dead rotting animal corpse
35 A picture of a woman's boobs
36 A Cannibal Corpse album cover
37 A picture of something sexist
38 A picture of a dead baby

Killing off a baby makes me feel sad.

39 A picture of somebody's rash
40 A picture of a middle finger
41 A picture of blood
42 A picture of boogers
43 A picture of someone masturbating
44 A picture of cigarettes
45 Spongebob's disturbing face from WhoBob WhatPants?
46 A picture of a rapist
47 A picture of dead babies
48 A picture of a topless woman
49 The hillbilly girl from the SpongeBob episode "Gary Takes a Bath"
50 The Death Grips's No Love Deep Web album cover
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