Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen to a Book You Read

Don't you love reading, but hate it when something happens to a great book you are reading? Rant about it here, and add reasons you think fit in.
The Top Ten
1 The book gets damaged to the point it's unreadable

I used to have a lot of Harry Potter novels, but most of them got damaged to the point there were unreadable pages, watery writing, and broken backs on the books. It drives me mad!

Never happened with my precious books ( they're gems...heaven to me )
I've lived them, some aged over 70 or 80 years...And they still shine.

Dropped #2 into a giant puddle. ☹️ Pages were stuck together, words smudged, and the whole book was covered in muck.

2 You try to change the page, but instead you tear it

This is why I use my iPad instead of reading books.

Doesn't this annoy us all?

This happened to me once

3 The book gets lost and you can't find it

I lost a book once, and now I have never been able to find the book again. I borrowed it off someone, and thankfully she understood.

Happens all the time to me.

4 The book ends too soon

This is why you should always get a book over 400+ pages, because it will keep you entertained until you manage to reach the end.

Like every story, it must end. But it's way to soon!

5 Someone scribbles over the book in dark-colored pen

Has happened, and it has annoyed me. Thankfully there are ways to get around it, though.

I've have done that before, when I was younger.

6 You are unable to find the sequel/prequel to the book in stores

A reason why you should visit second-hand books at times. Got a whole set of Harry Potter here, and I couldn't find it anywhere else.

7 Someone borrows the book and damages/loses it

Internet books. Solved. Can't lose it (Unless deleted) and can't damaged, well, the reader gets attacked by feels if it's this romance book, but nothing else..

Thankfully some people can be forgiving, but others can do it to intentionally bother you.

Don't trust anyone with your books.

8 The book is great at the start, but the plotline and characters become worse

Dopewing's Silence

9 The book is different from what you expected

Expectations vs. Reality can be a pain, eh?

10 The First Book is Great but the Sequels are Awful

This happens a lot to me. Like when I was younger, I was in love with Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But each book just kept using the same formula again and again. I feel like there's no flavor anymore.

The Contenders
11 The ending is predictable
12 The pages get stuck together
13 The book attracts a fandom that isn't very good
14 The last page is ripped out

Especially annoying if it's an obscure book that you can't find another copy of.

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