Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On Christmas Day


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1 You walk downstairs and find out that there are no presents

That's sad! But at least the greatest present of them all having your family and pets.

Really, this isn't the worst. It would be very disappointing, but come on. At least you HAVE a downstairs. - pandagirl

Yeah that's as bad as it gets - james6

Maybe you're just poor

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2 Someone close to you dies Christmas morning

So you'd rather have a family member dead than getting no presents at Christmas? - Alkadikce

That would ruin your Christmas because you would be so sad - DrayTopTens

There will always be material stuff out there to buy and give. But once your relatives are gone, they can never be replaced... - Gg2000

Okay family is more important then presents, plus you never said the presents could be in the garage.

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3 Your house catches on fire in the morning

Not in the morning, but it often happens because of the sparklers and candles - Alkadikce

In the middle of winter?

It never snows in some places. So this would make sense if it happens in those places. - TheFourthWorld

That happened to my mate on Christmas Eve during the night me wake woke up and could smell smoke, she told her mum and in the kilt he there was a fire... Everyone was okay and so was their living room with presents and tree in but their kitchen was black because of the smoken

Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

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4 Your mum has an affair with Santa Claus

Santa isn't real and stop saying it's gross god this website is full of babies

That's what the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" is about.. - ethanmeinster

That's... I don't know what that is!

Oh... Gross. I guess if you've had the santa talk then you know this won't happen.

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5 Your younger sibling gets loads of presents and you get almost nothing

That happened to me. My sister got an iPod, my brother got an Xbox One, and all I got was a cheesy shirt! After I found out that the shirt was all I got, I was so furious I threw my shirt into the campfire, told my mom and dad they were the worst parents ever, slammed my door, pounded the wall, and got grounded for two weeks.

That was a little bratty thing to do, but I see where you'd be coming from. As a child, that would be disappointing.

My younger siblings usually get more than me, but I get more expensive things like phones, tablets and computers so that makes sense. - ToptenPizza

I don't have a younger sibling, but my older sister actually gets more than me. Also, when my entire family has a party, my little cousins get hundreds of presents and MAYBE, if I'm lucky, I'll get five.

Every word in that describes every Christmas for me. My older sister gets thousands of presents and my little cousins get millions of presents, yet here I am with two presents. - CatCode

Now it depends on how old you and your sibling are. If you are like 17 and your brother or sister is like 4 or 5 then maybe it's different that way. Kids should get an equal amount of gifts

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6 You die

Not bad for me

Dying would be a lot worse than not getting the presents you wanted

This will only happen if you play with your present extremely dangerously, or if you commit suicide

Dreadfully sorry to whoever died on Christmas. - Garythesnail

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7 Your presents are stolen

The robbers balls would face my foot

That's why you need to set up a trap in your yard in case the Grinch or robbers try to take your gifts! Remember to do that after you hang your stockings, put out cookies for Santa, and put reindeer food out before you go to bed on Christmas Eve.

If that really happened I would be seriously pissed.

I would kick the guys ass

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8 Your little brother breaks all your gifts

After that your little brothers neck will be broken - Harri666

If I could have my own world then it would have no little and big brothers/sisters so nobody would be annoyed and the presents are fair on Christmas Day.

If a little kid broke all my presents, I would be so PISSED! That's why I don't share new gifts with people!

I don't have one

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9 You get Nicki Minaj CD'S

Imagine if your wish list includes the good stuff like The Cure - Disintegration, Cheap Trick at Budokan, Elton John - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player...
Then suddenly, you unwrap The Pink-print and your parents blast "Anaconda" on repeat, no matter how much chaos you cause in the backyard because you didn't get Disintegration.
Oh, the insanity.

That would be hell on earth.

I thought this was merry Christmas, not gae Christmas

I would rather be dead - lizard302

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10 You get a lump of coal

If you add thousands/millions of pounds of pressure, you can turn coal into diamonds. - CatCode

You will be rich when coal runs out - Harri666

It's a signal of I'm too lazy to have holiday spirit because I was bad

Any and any other naughty, bad children deserves a lump a coals.

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11 You get Justin Bieber CDs

I wanted Led Zeppelin CDs.

This would be torture, but really, STOP MAKING Justin Bieber JOKES. It is getting very old and I'm getting tired of it. - SlimVeggie

Oh my god! Disastrous! - AndreaStephens

When my family was poor we got the majority of our presents from the fire station toy drive and they gave me this. I cried because it was the worst present ever.

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12 You get a laptop for Christmas, but you accidentally smash it

My sister got a tablet for Christmas and broke it while brushing her teeth1

One time I got a tablet for Christmas and the next day it broke - idontknow

Great, I need to pay the insurance for having holiday spirit and not paying attention about how wild I was

Crap crap crap crap

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13 You get something you already have

I could just sell it to Goodwill or start my own yard/garage sale.

What's so bad about this, you can get the same Lego figures and make a gang with them

That happened to me once. I got a Lego game in 2008 and got the same one again two years later.

This isn't so bad sometimes. If you have two of the same Barbie doll, they could be twins!

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14 Santa strangles your mom to death

Santa isn't real!

This is the worst because not only would your Mom die, Santa would be ruined for you.

This item is rather random - Harri666

I would strangle Santa to death. Except Santa isn't real... - Catacorn

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15 Getting Sick

This happened to my mom when she was 11 and it happened to my stepdad when he was 13 and I hope it never happens to me - DrayTopTens

I am sick now and it sucks!

I was sick on Christmas in 2017

Imagine getting sick on Christmas morning

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16 You Get Chris Brown CDs

The one who sings dreary songs and the one who beaten up the lovely Rihanna!

Just be because its old time, wow

Who's Chris Brown?

I love chris brown

17 You get Big Brother on DVD

I got the complete series on DVD

Who keeps putting all these big brother ideas on this list? Oh hi there bigbrothersucks

18 You don't get what you really want for Xmas

Too bad just be grateful - LootLlama

This happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME

Why can't people understand that all I want is a few new picks and a new capo for my guitar!
I even got an iPod touch one year, and I was like, "Okay... thanks, I guess"
My sisters, who both wanted one, were internally raging.

It's cool sometimes. Because I got a Wii U when I wanted a skateboard now excuse me but I am gonna enjoy my Wii U

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19 You Get a Mouse Trap

The only use for it is that you can use it to kill off those pesky mice in your basement.

Doh, I mean Game!

Not to be confiused with the Ever-so-popular board gmae!

20 Going to school on Christmas

Wait what? please don't make me go to school!

If that were to actually happen its either you're principal is Jewish or is really heartless

Worst thing about that question that will never happen right

Don't care what the schools say, I am not going on Christmas. - Garythesnail

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21 Roast dinner preparing disaster

If it burns, go over to your nearest KrustyBurger, Disguise it as your own cooking and enjoy! (Steamed Hams)

22 There is no Christmas

Think about what Christmas represents, and then think of a world without it. Did you know the two opposing sides refused to fight, and in fact celebrated together on a Christmas Day in WWII? (It's true--look up Belleau Wood)

Really, I thought we were talking about when it is Christmas

This should be top 1, not in the direct middle of the list.

Christmas is mostly about Christ and Family guys (well Christ first)

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23 Being told Santa's not real

People in my geography class believe in him stil! - LootLlama


He is real but he is in Heaven with God and he did what Jesus told us he will not come to earth unless in a vision from like God

I hate my cousins they told me that when I was in first grade so I slapped them but I was a brat back then so yeah... - Navylexi

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24 You get a Dora DVD

That Would Be Horrible - JPK

25 Earthquake
26 Your pet dog eats the roast dinner

Remind me to put that dog on a leash or keep it in the kennel (don't be so harsh on the dog though).

This happened to me but it was my cat. - NoOreoForU

Well I never eat my dinner on Christmas, but I still have holiday spirit, so it's ok

27 You get a Barney DVD
28 You fall down the stairs and when you wake up you realize your entire family has been turned into Beliebers

It would be a nightmare to meet Justin Bieber in real life.

I'm literally dying so funny

That Well Be My Biggest Fear Ever... You Know What's Worse? Your Family Naked - CuteGirlJigglypuff

So specific am I right

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29 Miley Cyrus comes in and twerks

Eww! On Christmas day too?! Gross! >o< - Gehenna

She already ruined Christmas by twerking on Santa.

30 You find a secret porn video of your mom and dad in your present

That would scar me for life

I wish Princess Melody got a secret porn video of her parents (Princess Ariel & Prince Eric) for every single Christmas.

That is something that should not happen on Christmas Eve.

There Is No Way That Well Happened - CuteGirlJigglypuff

31 You Get the Xbox One

How is this bad? Xbox One's are good!

32 You Get A Teen Titans Go! DVD Under Your Tree

For all you TTG fans, I am now neutral to that show now because I find it kinda funny.

Id just be like Thanks I Guess?

I'd rather get a Keeping Up with the Kardashian's DVD or the entire discography of JLS than watch this Pett6y excuse for a Teen Titans Ripoff!

Here are some CN shows which are better than this heap of junk.

10. Regular Show
9. Cow and Chicken
8. Adventure Time
7. PowerPuff Girls (1998-2005)
6. Teen Titans (2003)
5. We Bare Bears
4. Chowder
3. The Amazing World Of Gumball
2: Steven Universe
1. Ed, Edd n' Eddy!

33 You Get Earthbound

What do people have against Earthbound? - nintendofan126

I'm Not Playing That Game - CuteGirlJigglypuff

34 Greyhounds eat the Christmas Turkey

LOL this happens in Christmas Story the movie.

35 You get a corpse of an Ebola patient for Christmas.

If santa gave that to somebody he would get fired. - Freddy_Fazbear

36 You get a cobra snake on the present
37 Justin Bieber performs in your neighborhood

Just shut up, it does not make you cool to hate someone who is popular.

That Well Be So Annoying - CuteGirlJigglypuff

38 A Online Group Hacks the Online Servers
39 You get tickets to see a Justin Bieber concert

I would throw them in the fire.

40 You Get CD-i Games

The Zelda games on the cd-I look really creepy - Harri666

"You Know What They Say, All Toasters Toast Toast! " - JPK

Unless you're making YouTube poop with the cd-i

Actually, Sonic Adventure series are crappy & so is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

41 You Get E.T. The Extraterrestrial for the Atari 2600

I would actually like that because I want to see how bad it is, but it would still suck because I don't have an Atari 2600

42 You get a hippo and it sits on you

Dang it I hate when that happens

I don't wanna hippopotamus for Christmas. A hippopotamus just won't do. - NoOreoForU

43 Relative dies
44 All the Adults get heaps of presents, but the Kids get none!

I'm an adult and I rarely get presents on Christmas...

45 You walk in on your husband making out with Santa Claus

I’m speechless - PumpkinKing109

46 All you get for Christmas is your two front teeth

I already have them

I have them so that would be creepy

47 Your Xbox that you got on Christmas blows up

That's cheapo Xboxes for you!

48 You get packets of ketchup

My friend would enjoy this.. - Garythesnail

Well Is Used For Fries - CuteGirlJigglypuff

But not on a used diaper! (Like Patrick did on that SpongeBob episode Little Yellow Book, which I hate because Squidward was being a bitch to poor SpongeBob! )

49 You get the Superman 64 game disc

I thought it was a cartridge. - Jake09

50 You got a hippopotamus

Especially when it sits on you. - Freddy_Fazbear

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1. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
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