Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On Christmas Day


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61 You Get Cursed By an Enchantress V 1 Comment
62 You can't sleep

This happens every year on Christmas Eve! I can't sleep because I'm excited for Christmas and my presents. Then I wake up really early but I'm perfectly energized the next day. One time I was at my grandparents house for Christmas Eve and I kept looking out the window to look for Santa

This happens every Christmas I sleep fine ever other night it's just this one night in the entire year AAARRRGGGH

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63 Get a Taylor Swift CD

This my favorite, I like Taylor swift

Okay, but not 1989 or Red. The big hit singles suck.

64 Grandpa announces that he is pregnant.

I mean really? He needs to get that baby out of him! Rather leave him there and open presents. Laugh out loud.

First of all, males can't get pregnant. Second of all, even if he was female, he would be too old to have a baby. And finally, this is not a horrible thing to happen. It would be ok, I guess...

Are you kidding!? That would be hilarious!

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65 All the Adults get heaps of presents, but the Kids get none!
66 You get The Last Airbender on DVD

This wouldn't be bad - mayamanga

67 You can't go to Church

This should be top remember God people if you are Christians

Not everybody is Catholic or Christian.. - Navylexi

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68 All you get is sticks in a bag telling you that you've been bad!

This actually happened to me on Christmas day.

69 Santa Claus kicks you right in the nuts
70 You get Bubsy 3D

Good thing I don't have a Playstation 2

71 You get an Osama bin laden doll

Throw it in the fire place, gift your dog a new chew toy, or use it to wipe your butt when the toilet paper runs out. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

72 You get an AOL CD
73 A serial killer dressed as Santa Claus sneaks into your house and kills you

No way this will happen! - NoOreoForU

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74 You get a laptop but it has windows ME
75 You wanted a Playstation but got a Polystation
76 You get your Christmas presents on your birthday instead
77 You Get Dumped/Cheated On
78 You get a new brother/sister hiding under the tree V 1 Comment
79 You Get Robbed

One of two things: You're a little kid and see a man dressed up as Santa, asking you to help him rob the house. He gives you a small box with drugs in it and a chocolate.

80 Santa has a fight with your grandpa to fall in love with your grandma
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1. You Get Chris Brown CDs
2. You walk downstairs and find out that there are no presents
3. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
1. You get Big Brother on DVD
2. You get something you already have
3. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
1. Someone close to you dies Christmas morning
2. When you are young and find out that Santa Claus is not real.
3. You go downstairs and remember that nobody's there anymore

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