Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On a Cruise


The Top Ten

1 Ship Hits Iceberg

Don't wanna have a Titanic moment! - N64Dude

2 You Get Kicked Off

You would have to swim to the nearest boat and ask if they could take you home - N64Dude

3 Captain Decides To Send An SOS For No Reason

You're swimming at the pool and then suddenly you hear a deafening noise. I would jump off the ship - N64Dude

4 Justin Bieber Is In The Room Right Next To You

I would knock on his door and give him a big kick in the mouth - N64Dude

I would rather give Michael Vick or Donald trump a big kick in the mouth then Justin Bieber just tease him by calling him Justin bever.

5 You Drown In The Kiddie Pool

I've heard that this happens a lot in Arizona. - Wolftail

Mommy, there's a dead body! - N64Dude

6 You Can Only Eat Broccoli

If the only food was broccoli, I would jump off the ship - N64Dude

7 Ship Leaves Without You

I would commit suicide - N64Dude

8 Girl Who Likes You That You Hate Stalks You

This has happened to me before. At the kids area I punched her face a lot. - N64Dude

9 Your Phone's Battery Dies And There's No Outlet

I would jump off the ship - N64Dude

10 The Ship Is Sinking And All The Lifeboats Are Gone

Gotta have to start the looong swim home - N64Dude

The Contenders

11 Your wife chews you out
12 The Captain is Francesco Schettino
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