Worst Things That Could Happen During Math Class

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1 You doze off and the teacher calls on you to answer the question and you don't know the answer

This happened many times in geometry - SirSheep

I have a pretty good grade in all of my classes including math (they grade gym for participation in my school, same with all of the other subjects but still), but while I sit at a table group with very very nice people they can be quite distracting. Plus it doesn't help when your math teacher is really nice and a good teacher, but boring (maybe that's because she's been teaching at my school since the second year it was around- my middle school has been around since 1974 [I don't really like a class with a boring teacher, but then again the group activities and interactive activities that I find in my classes are usually not fun, except for science]) and not only that but she keeps the creepiest stuffed animals in her room and I'm pretty sure 99% of them are pink. But yeah I like math the subject hate me if you want but I like school, except for Language Arts (too easy) and Wellness (none of the sports they teach I'm good at, and I try as best as I can). Though majority of the kids in ...more - Anonymousxcxc

One time, I fell asleep in a social studies lesson where the teacher was giving instructions on homework that was due the next day. Oops...

Happens to me sometimes. Lol, I just guess or look in my notes.

2 You change seats and you can't sit next to your crush

This must be bad, I don't have one lol - LunaFrost

This happens to me. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

You know what's worse? Not having one at all.

It didn't happen to me in math, but in science. - Popsicles

3 You have to sit next to the kid you hate

I hate the majority of the kids at my school, so this is a common occurrence for me - SirSheep

Everything was fine in my math class until a guy I like as a friend switched with the person I hate. WHY. The person I hate always says I’m a failure and says I’m not enough and worse I have depression! Seriously?!

I have to sit next to my enemy who listens to music the whole time and gets mad at me and my friend when we do work and he doesn't.

I have to sit across from this annoying guy who constantly flips his water bottle and bangs it on the table.

4 Forgot to do the homework

I just do it in the classes before it - SirSheep

That happened to me, so I did it in first hour! Hopefully the teacher didn't see me.

5 You fail the test/quiz

I think what's more fearful is waiting for the teacher to give you your test so you can find out what grade you got.

Happened to me once. - Catacorn

I almost always fail my math tests. - Pegasister12

Asian parent: son/daughter what u get on duh math test
kid: I got an F...I'm so sorry

6 You and your friends get separated because you were talking to them

I talk to my best friends in class no wonder The teacher doesn't let me sit by my friends

That problem has never happen to me. I'm a good kid. ;3 - LunaFrost

7 Substitute teacher is clueless

It's a good thing. My sun was clueless about what homework to give us and it was 15 pages of Math but I told her that we must eat ice cream and make paper planes for homework. She believed it. Boom - AlphaQ

I've only ever had a sub in maths once and he was just as clued up on the work as my usual teacher - anyone who tries to screw around with subs at my college is either new or practically retarded. - Entranced98

Opps, Wrong person. - LunaFrost

8 Too much homework

Happens all the time

Luckily my maths class hardly ever gives us homework as all the emphasis is on self-study - it's a much better system as we can really focus on the stuff we're struggling with instead of doing our very best topics over and over again. There's only so much time in the day we can set aside for homework without retiring from life - if only Biology class understood that too... - Entranced98

NOPE! Just burn it. :D - LunaFrost

9 Justin Bieber appears on one of the word problems

You mean Justin Bieber who can solve a Rubik cube in less than two minutes! HAHA

Justin Bieber is on every single list.
If the internet was like this in the 90s it would be Aaron Carter that's not an opinion that's a fact.

One time, we had to write about our favorite things and someone wrote about how "hot" Justin Bieber is. Worst 3 minutes of my life hearing her read it.

I think this happened like twice already in my math class. It really sucks.

10 Forgot your textbook

This happened to me one time, but he didn't notice since I kept my backpack in front of me. - Pegasister12

My class always has a ton of spares. - Entranced98

Now, we don't use textbooks. lol - LunaFrost

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11 A shooting breaks out in the room

Beg your parents that you want to leave the states and go to a country with less shootings.

12 Every kid is annoying

Welp, this sucks. - LunaFrost

13 You get lost in what the teacher is saying because they talk so fast for so long

This happened to me in my college statistics class

I don't get as lost anymore, but my math teacher does this all the time. - Anonymousxcxc

14 You give birth

Jesus Christ, dude... - Popsicles

15 The teacher starts ranting about behavior

Especially when it's not even my fault - it was so annoying when this happened just because of a few troublemakers who weren't dedicated to studying maths in the first place. Thankfully I'm in the top class now where teachers never have to resort to this. - Entranced98

16 The power goes out during a lesson

that happened to me a few years ago in math

17 You doze off and don't understand the material because of it.
18 You get distracted when the teacher is explaining something
19 You pee on the student in front of you

This is something you would find on Family Feud. - CartoonCriticizer

20 A teacher comes in and shouts "BE QUIET, I CAN'T EVEN HEAR MYSELF THINK!"

That would be funny. - CartoonCriticizer

21 A dog walks in and eats the textbooks

I don't think this is realistic because if a dog went in the school it would be a service dog and service dogs are well trained also how could a dog open a door plus dogs wouldn't even eat a book!

At least the teachers will know where all your homework went. - Entranced98

22 Your chair breaks

That happened to me and I fell on the person behind me!

23 The fire alarm goes off and it's raining outside
24 The teacher announces they need to be sick
25 The teacher decides to make everyone do quantum physics
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